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The SCOUT friends’ makeup advice for low-maintenance chicks like me

I’m the last person people would think of when it comes to makeup and skincare.

Aside from baby powder and one shade of lipstick, my skincare routine is “I’m not trying to be all ‘special snowflake’ about it.” I established early on that I will stay where I’m comfortable at.

Yet I questioned my long-held mindset during the Sunnies Face debut where celebrities and influencers had their best faces on. It left me wondering: Is it time for a change? I roamed around the launch and saw a couple of our SCOUT friends. Wanting a little more than the usual guidance, I asked young drag queen Sef Loseo, on-the-rise fashion photographer Andrea Beldua, and model/influencer Una Ilarde the makeup tips they swear by ( hopefully I will too) and here’s what they have to say:

Andrea Beldua, fashion photographer

Only a few photographers know how to frame femininity well. Andrea Beldua is one of them. This Manila-based photographer’s signature style plays around with warm tones and dynamic close-ups. This also applies to her makeup looks.

“If you can’t tell, I’m more of a pink girl. I love the Barbie look. Those are the ones I really gravitated towards to,” she explains. Her makeup is highlighted with a good blush and a strong lip color. On top of all of these, she makes sure her skin is glowing to a tee.

What’s your no-fail skincare tip?
Always moisturize before putting on makeup. I have dry skin so I could really tell if your skin is dry or your skin isn’t primed for makeup; it’s gonna show even if you’re wearing makeup. You can’t hide that texture and the only way you can kind of make it better is to keep your skin moisturized.

Sef Loseo, drag queen/fashion influencer

Sef is a formidable force in today’s drag and fashion scene. Leaning more into androgynous style, he blurs the lines of gender through aesthetics. His hashtag #letboysbefeminine is a friendly reminder for everyone to never be afraid to break boundaries. He boldly puts on makeup in and out of drag to top off his looks. His brow game, with a preference for pink eyeshadow hues, and bold ombre lips got me shaking.

What’s your favorite shade in the Sunnies lip line so far?
So far it’s 143, Baked, and Nudist. It’s very morena-friendly. Actually, all of the shades are very morena-friendly. But those three, I can do ombre lips, which is something I love right now.

What’s a foolproof makeup tip you swear by?
You can use your lipsticks as your blush or your eyeshadow.

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Una Ilarde, model/influencer

A staple in hip gatherings and fashion editorials, she captures everyone’s attention with a distinct punk rock aesthetic, even in her beauty looks, too.

With her sharp eyeliner wings to match her bold lipstick colors, her look presents her with a certain edge. It leaves people all the more fascinated by her enigmatic aesthetic. And I was no exception, so I dared to ask her how she achieves her look.

What makeup tip do you always abide by?
To avoid redness, like most people, I usually bake under the eyes. I usually bake the parts where I get red so it stays matte the whole time. That’s my go-to [routine] and always check your face before you go out.

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