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Leaders of the New Cool: IV OF SPADES


The boys are busy. Like real busy. Since we first met them over a year ago at one of our Scout Socials, Zild, Blaster, and Badjao have changed. And who wouldn’t? Boasting more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify, dozens of millions more in streams across different platforms, and packed calendars for shows, promotions, and everything in between, they’re set to overcome almost all expectations—their own ambitions notwithstanding.

How are you guys?
Zild: Masaya, okay lang. Laging sagot sa mga ganitong tanong [ay] “okay lang,” ’no?

I heard you were releasing a new album.
Zild: Nagre-record kami. Pero wala pa kami sa kalahati so hindi namin alam kung kailan [lalabas].

How would you describe your album?
Zild: There’s a lot of story and experimentation but still we’re trying to be pop-friendly. So ‘yung lyrics na sinasabi namin, ma-internalize ng mga tao. Yan ‘yung way para tumagos sa puso ng mga tao, eh.

Do you feel any pressure in releasing something?
Zild: Actually meron na wala. No pressure kasi you don’t really care.
Blaster: Pati wala ka pang nasimulan. Laging may pressure sa second or third mo nang ginawa kasi may expectation sa’yo eh. Kung anong ginawa mo before, you have to top that.
Zild: They say insecurity will fade once you reach into something. Pero minsan nagiging aware ka at ’yun ’yung kakalabin mo. Hindi tao ang kalaban mo o ’yung kasama mo sa small, cruel world. Kalaban mo ’yung battle sa’yo.

Are you concerned with legacies?
Badjao: Not concerned, like that’s [not] our [main] concern. Our concern is what we’re putting out now.
Blaster: ’Yung epekto namin sa mga listeners.
Zild: Kaya hindi kami nagse-settle sa “puwede na yan.
Blaster: Gusto ko pag namatay ako mamaya, may maiiwan ako sa mundo.

How do you guys want to be remembered?

Zild: However people want us to be remembered.
Blaster: Ah, ’yung… ’70s na disco! Na may umalis. Siguro ’yung bandang walang takot. ’Yung hindi natatakot mag-risk sa music.
Zild: ’Yung bandang walang pakialam sa sinasabi ng iba. Kapag sinasabing ’70s, Led Zeppelin; ’80s, Michael Jackson.; ’90s, Nirvana, or Eraserheads. Gusto ko pag naalala nila ‘yung era ng 2018 onwards, maalala nila yung IV of Spades.

Do you guys want to talk about the guys who left?
Blaster: Depends. What’s your question?

What are your thoughts about the situation after his departure?
Blaster and Badjao: Respect.
Zild: At the end of the day, we all create art as artists.

Interview by Lex Celera
Photography by Czar Kristoff
Hair and makeup by Zidjian Floro and Raffy So


This story was originally published in our 4th Anniversary issue and has been edited for web. The digital copy of Scout’s 32nd issue is accessible here.



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