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A site lets you listen to the voices of trees (and not your demons)


When was the last time you sat outdoors and drowned in nature’s OG OST? Probably eons ago, and that’s understandable. 

Being confined in our homes means either cooking up another isolation playlist or listening to the demons in our heads (especially, well, if we miss our friends). Although a quick walk under the sun can save us, nothing beats being in nature’s orbit. Tree.FM thought that’s impossible for some of us—so it decided to send some sounds our way. 

A compilation of sound clips unearthed from Sounds of the Forest, this website lets us access nature digitally. From the sound of birds chirping to the wind dancing along with the trees, this mini radio station doubles as our portal to the world’s forests. According to AV Club, the creators’ main ethos is to provide an escape for those who can’t travel at this time. 

Do know it comes in shuffle play, so you could be walking around Black Forest in Germany now and Kamienna Gora in Poland next. Aside from the organic chill vibes, the site also lets us help the forests in return. Click “Plant Some Trees” and jump into EcoAsia’s tree-planting programs. 

I’m currently listening to Tegel Wald in Berlin, Germany, which comes with heavy rain. Hbu? 

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