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UNIQUE self-directed the visuals for “Cha-Ching!”

UNIQUE self-directed the visuals for “Cha-Ching!”

With the coherent color-stripped aesthetic, UNIQUE is undeniably making a brand for himself. The 18-year-old artist reassured all of us with his artistic prowess as he dropped the music video for “Cha-Ching!” Released last Sept. 1, the visuals for the track under GRANDMA is heavy with symbolisms which UNIQUE conceptualized and directed himself.

Amongst many subtexts, the video starts with splattering coins. Then a parallelism between heavy men in suits and shirtless kids with bony physiques. Scenes are juxtaposed next to one another suggesting substantial contrast which perhaps hints at the wide economic gap in the country.

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A sequence also reveals UNIQUE in a suit grinning at the camera as he holds a piece of paper. After this comes the exchange of money, cross-swords, and handcuffs. This may pertain to the greed of corporations and the abuse behind it. The visuals consist of fragments of violence which suggests on fighting the greedy men.

Whether or not the interpretation is correct, it is no denying that the solo artist did an outstanding job. Steering clear from the solemn spirit he displayed in the video of “Midnight Sky,” we see a more playful and experimental side of UNIQUE and we’re not at all complaining.

Perhaps we should stop calling UNIQUE solely a musician. He clearly has an eye for the camera and creativity for instigating symbolism in strong visual imagery. Calling him an 18-year-old interdisciplinary artist sounds just about right.

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