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The “chillnuman” is actually the best kind of inuman

Drinking doesn’t only aid us in our current existential ennui. It’s for making friends and reconnecting with new ones. The classic inuman we know from our older relatives, where one glass is shared by the group and passed around the circle, points out that imbibing a little bit of drank is one best shared with friends.

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But—no offense to our tatays and titos—we don’t have to let our liver suffer without having a good time over drinks with our buds. In comes The BaR Premium Gin: It’s light, refreshing, and perfect for putting our chill levels to a hundred.

This newly launched gin isn’t your tatay’s gin. We’re not looking to make basagan or walwalan here; we all have something to do in the morning, right? Partaking in liquor has much, much more value than simply getting wasted. It’s for making memories, for reconciling old flames, for ending the day just right…you get the idea. It’s time to live in the moment while being mindful of the days after.

And it’s the ideal libation that’s not only great for a night out. Looking to get a little mellow over Sunday brunch? Clamoring for a smooth night cap? Gin might not your first choice when you want to get a little loose but with The BaR, it can be. Give it a try and see for yourself.

And if you’re all about the vibe, The BaR Premium Gin can complement any of your moods. This chill drink comes in three premium gin variants: Pink Gin when you’re feeling a little bit flirty, Green Gin when you want a little zing with your kick, and Premium Dry Gin when you want to play it cool. Or your choice: your drink is what you make it.

And the best part is that The BaR Premium Gin won’t leave a hole in your wallet. With a suggested retail price of P95, you don’t have to go for broke to go for fun.

So whether you’re living the good life, the broke life, or both, The BaR Premium Gin will keep the great times going. No FOMOs, only awesome memories.

Photos by Jello Espino


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