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James Reid’s lap dance for Nadine Lustre is actually pretty freaking cute

James Reid’s lap dance for Nadine Lustre is actually pretty freaking cute

So, a video of James Reid lap dancing in front of Nadine Lustre went viral last night. It happened during Frontrow CEO Sam Verzosa’s birthday and naturally served as entertainment to the guests. With Tim Yap quickly hitting that post button on Instagram, this effortlessly conquered our feeds.

Soon enough, we’re presented with varying lengths and angles. Safe to assume this spontaneous fun was more entertaining that the highly-anticipated but anticlimactic speech of President Duterte last Tuesday. Well, the man can dance. (James, not Duterte, but who knows?)

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Here’s what we think: The headline probably sounds all kinds of naughty, a little racy, but it’s actually quite the opposite. More than anything, it’s adorable. C’mon guys, it’s 2017 2018.

Couples reach a point where they get so comfortable with each other and it reflects in their unreluctant actions. In this case, the comfort manifested through a lap dance in front of the crowd and the whole world. Entering almost three years together, of course it comes natural.

John Cusack who? Y’all can keep your stereos and failed romantic advances through tacky billboard signs. Nothing gets cuter and flashier than this.

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