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“I couldn’t play Charice anymore.” Read an excerpt from Jake Zyrus’ biography


I am Jake is not just another celebrity, tell all scandal book. This latest release from Pride Press runs deeper than that. It tackles Jake Zyrus’ life in the public eye as he struggles for survival in finding out his true self. And regardless of fame’s hold and other’s disapproval, no one stopped from reclaiming himself.

The public remains divided on whether they accept or they disapprove Jake Zyrus’ transition. But in his latest memoir I am Jake, it’s readers will realize that our approval of his identity never even mattered in the first place. His journey on finding his true self is for Jake and Jake alone.

I couldn’t play Charice anymore, a role I had been slipping into grudgingly.” — excerpt from I am Jake

With his transition shocking and intriguing Filipinos everywhere, his biography explores his brightest hours to his darkest ones. It reveals the pressure and challenges that came with being young transitioning male in the public eye of Filipino showbiz.

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In the book, he discusses coming into terms with Charice, and abandoning his “mask” once and for all.

“My decision to turn my back on Hollywood happened gradually. I slowly watched the people around me, my family especially, be overcome by greed. I knew the world would call me selfish if I lived my truth, but I had already fulfilled my promise to my mother twice over. ‘Wait this isn’t for me anymore,’ I realized one day. ‘I’m basically working for other people. Look at them, they’re all happy. And here I am, miserable.’ I’m fully aware of the opportunity I gave up. By all worldly standards, I was on a sure path to making it. All I had to do was stay where I was, do what I was told to, and I would have become the next Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato.

The machinery was already in place to make that happen—and yet, all I wanted to do was get off it. My management asked me one last time if I was sure of my decision. They couldn’t believe I was willing to lose it all, just to be true to myself. I couldn’t play Charice anymore, a role I had been slipping into grudgingly. My management team was understanding and supportive and I’m glad no bridge was burned. (I know that if I emailed David Foster today, he would respond.) I was done living my life for others. Its time to choose what’s best for me.” — excerpt from I am Jake

Jake’s mainstream acclaim when he was Charice is no joke. He still has that acclaim ‘till now regardless of the public’s mixed emotions toward him. As the journey of breaking toxic traditional values in this country continues, Jake’s journey has the power to inspire and educate people on topics of gender and sexuality.

If Jake has taught us anything by now, it would be that fame can only do so much. The path to knowing ourselves will always be a tricky one. And though we all thread on different paths, everyone can relate that we’re all just trying to get to our truest self like anyone else.

I am Jake is available for only 295 PHP online through Anvil Publishing and at National Bookstore and Powerbooks starting October 5, 2018.

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