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SupportYourFriends “Fall 2018” is really easy on the eyes

SupportYourFriends, the clothing brand that was warmly received by the public less than a year ago, is back on track with a “Fall 2018” release that features variations on the logo and some graphics on tees and hoodies. I’ve observed that SYF dwells on the familiar and the comfortable, the same feelings we give and receive from our friends.

The graphics from “Fall 2018” surely has references that may or may not be familiar, but on the surface level, everything is crisp, clean, and easy on the eyes.

What’s particularly interesting is what appears to be like a series of Pantone-esque graphics on plain white tees that may shift the collection towards something conceptual–a collection of moods and feelings amid a smorgasbord of silhouettes.

Drop I, below, is available in Case Study Atelier. The collection was released last Sept. 27.

Drop II is available online in their website.


Is SYF definitive of a certain lifestyle? Probably not. But there is something all-encompassing at the very base of what they do. But they are still jawnz, based on the reception they’ve received.

Photography by Erika Yamaguchi
Styled by Florian Trinidad
Assisted by Floresse Trinidad and Gian Gonzalez
Feat. Erika and Inez


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