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We’re going to see more Filipino movies on Netflix

We’re going to see more Filipino movies on Netflix

When I found out that Birdshot (2016) landed Netflix just last March, I thought it was cool. Finally, we’ll hear lesser excuses for not supporting local films just because they’re “a bit difficult to find.”

If you totally relate to that then the world’s leading internet entertainment service just heard and granted our wish. Netflix is going to expand our choices this November with some Filipino films.

Over the next month, the platform will release a series of local blockbusters. If you’ve spent loads of hours binge watching your Netflix favorites, maybe you can sneak in a few more for some locals.

First in the slate is Heneral Luna (2015), a phenomenal Jerrold Tarog creation that proves itself with A+ acting and a storyline that made us all hold onto our seats. Witness John Arcilla’s superiority as Luna starting Nov. 1.

Best to watch this when: You need to brush up on your historical nuggets.


Who’s never heard about Buy Bust (2018)? Compared to most films that had short-lived hype, this Erik Matti masterpiece was the talk-of-the-town from start to finish. Put your earphones on for the bullets starting Nov. 15.

Best to watch this when: You need some thrill in your bland, bland day.


Sigrid Bernardo’s Kita Kita (2017) injected a lot of things all at once—heartbreak, nostalgia, fearlessness, and the greats and pains of time. Enjoy its pretty hues while you wipe a tear or two beginning Nov. 16.

Best to watch this when: You’re home from work on a Friday, and you have the free time to weep.

Dates for a few more local flicks are yet to be announced. Let’s just keep our eyes peeled until they come.





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