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We’re losing our shit over Carly Rae Jepsen’s teaser for her new single


More than 30 minutes in Hallow’s eve, the internet was shook. Not shookt as in scared, shookt as in, IT IS FINALLY HERE!

Canadian pop star, Carly Rae Jepsen posted a photo of her in a bed, with pizza and junk food on all of her socials. The caption reads, “Party for one.” Let’s be honest, a whole pizza all for yourself? That’s a party alright.

The iconic “Call me Maybe” singer released E-MO-TION in 2015, and pop (along with dance and party playlists)  has never been the same since then. Two years after, she released a E-MO-TION Side B which featured songs that didn’t make it to E-MO-TION.

Carly Rae then took a break from all that and proceeded to land a voiceover role for animated film Leap, which also featured her song “Cut to the Feeling.”  Her latest project was narrating an episode of Netflix’s Explained

Then, this happened:

Who knows what this will be about? Self-care anthem? A song about a sad party? Finally accepting living the single life? ABOUT HOW NOT TO FEED YOUR CAT TWIZZLERS?

Y’all don’t have to wait too long because the release date is sooner than expected.

Yup, you read that right. It’s coming out TOMORROW.

Grab your best headphones or speakers and count down with us later for this much, much awaited single. Maybe the album can come out soon, too? *looking at you CRJ*




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