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Hey, creatives! Let’s talk about the business side of your work


It’s not easy to do creative work. It’s physically and emotionally taxing, but it’s not exactly the most rewarding practice here in the Philippines.

Go on social media and you’ll find blatant disrespect towards artists. The online community has also been creative with the use of memes as response to contemptuous comments.

The cyberspace has made it easier for artists to bring their work out there and to cull new knowledge about their craft. However, creative work does not stop in churning out content. It’s also important to talk about the business side of it.

In an effort to gather young creatives and educate them about the workings of the industry, Komura; Studio organizes their first intimate conference.

“Allergic talaga mga artist [sa usapang] pera. Artists always focus on talking about their process and pushing for their causes,” Czyka Tumaliuan, co-founder of Komura; Studio, said. “Kailangan nating maging smart about money. We need to develop financial IQ so we can do more of what we truly love, so we can live off our passions.”

The event brings together a panel of Filipino creatives including co-founder Ringo Bunoan, spoken word artist Kooky Tuason, Veer Technologies and VR Philippines founder Christopher David, comics artist Manix Abrera, designer and Diyalogo co-owner Ian Quimbo, artist and educator Rommel Joson, and CIIT founder Neil Dagondon.

The event also features talks by Indonesia-based artist Malcolm Smith of Krack! Studio and Singapore-based book designer Kelley Cheng of The Press Room Singapore.

The Komura; Studio conference happens on Saturday (Nov. 24) at Warehouse 8 from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. Check their event page for more information and updates.



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