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No Rome’s new MV is a screamo-pop gift for emo kids

No Rome’s new MV is a screamo-pop gift for emo kids

Do you want us to clue you in on how our secretly longed emo culture is going to make its comeback? You’re in luck. The latest drop from London-based Filipino artist No Rome is probably one checkpoint. And we couldn’t get over it.

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The track, which treads along screamo, rock, and pop, now has a visual counterpart. No Rome’s new music video for “5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair” embodies a chunk of the 2000s emo we all know we needed. Here, you can see his constant collaborator Matty Healy being intense on the drums, and No Rome playing his guitar with all the anger he could muster, seemingly trying to engage you in a striking conversation.

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“5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair” is part of No Rome’s Crying In The Prettiest Places EP, which was released last month.  Watch the murky, grainy, unswerving MV below.



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