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The coolest cars in pop culture you may have overlooked



Our car-obsessed culture has evolved to be innately inclined towards the latest models: which automakers have excelled (or dropped), how certain brands have evolved, and which ones just disappeared without a trace.

Usually, many of us who are really into cars are familiar with those that have made an indelible mark on pop culture. If you fancy yourself as a real car aficionado, then you will have no problem recognizing the rides on this list. But if you, like many others, just enjoy that nostalgic trip down memory lane, then this list is surely going to be just as enjoyable to go through.

Check out this quick list of three of the coolest cars in pop culture:


1. Morris Minor

Seen in the movie Thunderball (1965), the Morris Minor 1000 convertible was driven by none other than 007, James Bond. The car featured an independent suspension, and rack and pinion steering—both considered to be sharp technologies back then. But being the whip of a cross-generational super spy is what catapults the Morris Minor 1000 into legendary status.


2. MGB

A total attention magnet. A Mustard Yellow MGB was used in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) by Mary Goodnight, James Bond’s secretary. This two-door sports car is distinguishable for being a four-cylinder, soft-top roadster.


3. Morris Oxford Saloon

After James Bond and Tatiana Romanova rode this bad boy in From Russia, With Love (1963), this so-called “shabby” car became extremely popular. From two-tone paint schemes to its diesel engine, the Oxford served as the most coveted car for a number of years among many after its cameo in the Bond film.


You may have noticed that all these cars have something in common: they are all Morris Garages, or MG, vehicles. Today’s modern MGs may not be pop culture fixtures just yet, but the stylish new global models from MG are sure to find their way into the public sphere for their sharp styling, modern driver aids and safety features, attainable prices and, of course, their rich British heritage.


Locally, MG Philippines is making these new MGs available to the Filipino motoring public. Check out what they’re offering:



One of the best-looking crossover SUVs out there, the MG ZS is a looker and is totally practical in terms of features and cabin space. Since going around the metro inevitably means getting stuck on the road like everyone else, I say, don’t fret. The very handy Apple CarPlay can solve all the rush hour madness by pairing your mobile device to its 8-inch infotainment touchscreen system. Attractive and sharp, its interiors offer respite after a long day. And if we’re talking about impressing your date: well, the MG ZS has a panoramic sunroof. I’m sure you can think of a romantic drive out of town where you can use this feature to impress your date.



I am part of the minority that gets discouraged about going out of town due to boring, uncomfortable long drives. Don’t get me wrong– I love going on trips, but I have experienced enduring those in cars with cramped and cluttered interiors. It can get very uncomfortable at times.

SUVs like the MG RX5 will finally put an end to this. The MG RX5 is all sorts of spacious inside the cabin. It’s perfect for far-off trips, with a comfortable interior setup with premium and comfy seats. With the MG RX5, you are guaranteed a very pleasant road trip indeed.


MG 6

Off to somewhere posh and pretty? The elegant and sporty MG 6 fastback sedan is great for such situations. It’s a head-turner, but it can also perform, with a turbocharged engine living under the hood. It’s fast, but doesn’t scrimp on the comforts of a luxury sedan. It’s really all the good things you want in a single package.

These cars might still be a bit of a way from making their mark on pop culture as we know it, but who knows? With the great styling and the global presence of the brand, we might see an MG on the big screen in no time.


MG ZS variants are MT “Style” (Php 818,888.00 srp), AT “Style” (Php 868,888.00 srp), and AT “Alpha” (Php 998,888.00 srp). 

MG RX5 variants  are MT “Core” (Php 1,058,888.00 srp) and AT “Style” (Php 1,228,888.00 srp). 

MG 6 variants are AT “Alpha”  (Php 1,068,888.00 srp) and AT “Trophy” (Php 1,188,888.00 srp).


Can’t wait to check out the latest from MG Philippines? Visit MG pop-up stores this month, and get up close and personal with the latest vehicles from MG Philippines. See the following dates and locations:

November 17 to 30 — SM Lanang Premier, Upper Ground Floor

November 19 to December 30 — SM General Santos, Atrium

November 20 to December 20, 2018 — SM City Cebu, Lower Ground Floor

November 29 to December 5 — SM Megamall, Fashion Hall


For more information on what’s new with MG Philippines, and to know where to catch MG next, visit, or visit MG Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



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