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Category is Sofia Coppola meets Quiapo in Banquetta’s latest release

Category is Sofia Coppola meets Quiapo in Banquetta’s latest release

Clothing store Banquetta is a pop cultural gift that keeps on giving. They manage to find the great in between New Wave Cinema and colloquial beki humor once again in their newest release called “Lost in Traslacion.” Inspired by Sofia Coppola’s film Lost in Translation, they traded Tokyo’s after dark melancholy for Quiapo’s poignant nightcaps instead.

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But is their muse a local ScarJo type or maybe Bill Murray’s Filipino doppelganger? No, they got someone even better. We got artist/photographer/gagong rapper stan Eric Bico with his synthetic pink wig on, serving us Banquetta’s latest selected looks and witty one-liners to boot. With screencaps saying “Nakakapagod maging Gemini, ‘di ko na alam sino ako,” and “‘Teh, palipat sa Onanay,” one cannot deny that this is current Filipino pop culture at its wittiest.

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Check out their look book and behind-the-scenes video below.

Make inquiries on how to purchase their latest collection here.

Inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation
Starring John Eric Bico
Curated and directed by Balentino Bonifacio and John David Montesa



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