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In 2021, they’re turning Bernardo Carpio into a sentai series


Filipinos are no stranger to sentai series. 

Through the years, we’ve tried to put our personal spin on the Japanese-based genre. We’ve had films or series like “Super Noypi,” “Zaido” and, of course, my personal fave “Blue Bustamante.” Lucky for folk looking for local sentai content—we’re getting one in 2021.

Grade school students and alamat enthusiasts would know the legend of Bernardo Carpio. Thanks to the makers of “Blue Bustamante” and “Patintero,” plus musician and digital creator Chris Cantada, we’ll get to see this legend revamped.

On Dec. 26, Cantada released the trailer for “Carpioman,” a digital series about a struggling single father (Jerald Napoles) trying to raise his daughter as he deals with the superpowers he is cursed with. But in this retelling, Bernardo Carpio isn’t a mere giant from Montalban, he’s a galactic archipelago defender.

In the teaser, the creators introduced it as an original Filipino tokusatsu series. It’s funny with a tinge of slice-of-life yet overall nostalgic for Y2K and ’90s sentai fans. 

No further updates on when the series is gonna launch. Even so, the teaser got us reeling for more. Check it out below: 

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Still from “Carpioman”



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