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This app from Korea will save you from unflattering images

This app from Korea will save you from unflattering images

“I take good photos of you, but why can’t you shoot me well?” We all heard that one creative friend complain. Or maybe it was you? No matter how you explain with vivid details and hand gestures or test the composition, they just wouldn’t get it. Your photo just turns out unflattering all the time.

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to long explanations your “photographer” wouldn’t understand. There’s now a Korean app that lets you have your photo taken exactly the way you want it.

SomeOne Very Special (SOVS) lives by the motto, “don’t explain, just show it!” It sounds like a dating app, but I guess it’s named as such to reflect on how our someone special should look like in photos.

SOVS lets you compose an image before your friend takes it. You can choose one outline (like those white chalk outlines from a crime scene) from an array of available poses, adjust its size, and position it according to your liking. Then, let someone capture your photo by superimposing the outline on your picture-ready body. This looks like the perfect app for solo travelers, isn’t it?

SOVS ask you to set your height first to ensure accuracy, but you can always adjust the outline.


This is me celebrating my work anniversary. This will also be me when I take my final Hinge photo before on my last day.

Taking a photo with this Bandera backdrop

Is this me showing you my office drawer?

Hmmm. I’m wondering who our next cover is.

SOVS is currently available at the app store for P49 for iOs and P57 for Android. That’s not bad for an app that would save you from unflattering images, disappointment, and trust issues. The app is specifically designed for solo images, but there’s also the free (with in-app purchases) SOVS2 for couples and barkadas. Now, that’s the perfect app for third wheelers, or even random staff in restaurants, this Valentine’s!

One of the free presets from SOVS2. It’s kind of weird, but okay. Make it work!

I don’t know about you, but we need this app more than any other editing apps.

Header image courtesy of SOVS



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