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We can’t wait to see these films made by the Eraserheads members


Generations have walls between them for a reason. The similarities can sometimes be counted only through our fingers, and one of them is our similar humming to Eraserheads songs. For years, we’ve been going crazy over their chances of reuniting, even if most of the time, we’re presented with just literally a tiny speck of chance. Is 2019 the year we stop getting our hopes up? Well, we might just find a new thrill in knowing they’re at least making a comeback in our lives. This time, through the big screen.

If you’ve been doing a little stalking on Spring Films, the record-breaking producer of 2017 romcom Kita Kita, chances are you’ve already seen these posters filling their space recently. Nope, we aren’t talking about the reunion film of Kita Kita‘s Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi.

This dark poster has one thing to uncover: It’s written and directed by the Eraserheads’ lead guitarist, Marcus Adoro. It’s also note-worthy that it says it will be “starring the only brave actors of Philippine Cinema.” A seemingly “stoner film,” Post Angst follows the stories of five men in existential dread inside the world of music and marijuana.

This blood-splashed poster is more mysterious than it looks, when you notice that this film is directed by Eleandre Buendia. You know, Eheads frontman Ely Buendia for short. The Bouncer is said to be a story about a man hardened by violence. To start a new life, he reunites with his blind niece to to defend the club he is working for from shady regulars.

On the other hand, Maboteng Usapan, which is mentioned on the Facebook page as UP Project isn’t directed by another Eraserheads member, but it does ring a bell. Come on, don’t tell me “Pare Ko” didn’t play in your head. Or remembered that the Eraserheads was formed in their alma mater, University of the Philippines. As what seems like a female version of the Oblation holds a bottle, the movie will depict a boy and a girl’s comeuppance in college; exploration on of sex, fears, love, and friendship follow on board.

Is the Eraserheads members making movies an insanely new story? Well, not quite. Back in 2014, Ely Buendia directed Bang Bang Alley, an exploratory film on the different forms of violence in the country.

Header photo is the album art of the remastered Ultraelectromagneticpop! 



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