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You can now ride a P2P bus from Cainta to Makati

Living in Cainta means commuting anywhere beyond Rizal is a nightmare. Even if we we wake up at an ungodly hour, we either arrive at our offices or schools on time or be the latest we’ve ever been. Chasing UVs or jeepneys to get to our destinations ala Mad Max Fury Road has been a part of our daily grind for so long. So of course, solutions like the RRCG’s latest P2P bus system from Cainta to Makati sounds like a godsend solution to a lot of us.

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Posted yesterday evening in RRCG’s Facebook page, their latest premium point to point bus service will start operations today. The terminal will be at Robinson’s Cainta Junction with the drop off located at Trasierra, Makati near Greenbelt Malls. The promo fare starts at 90 pesos, with discounts available for PWD and senior citizen passengers.

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RRCG formally opened the P2P bus service to the public this morning. For the rest of the day, we can start enjoying its services this afternoon starting at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Here is the bus’ schedule so you can plan your daily commute better:

Glad that the commuters of Cainta have another option to get where we need to go. Because sometimes, UV and trains are not our best friends to beat the morning rush hour. Can’t wait to catch some good Zs on that P2P real soon.

Photo from RRCG P2P Bus Services’ Facebook page


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