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Jason Dhakal’s “U” MV is our late night longings personified

Wondering what Jason Dhakal has been up to lately? According to his Twitter feed, he’s been cooking up a lot of things for 2019. But his freshest release for this year has just dropped. A single off his Night In EP has a new music video—and it’s looking pretty tight.

This R&B musician released his music video for “U” ft. dot.jaime. The music video is directed by Dominic Bekaert, the same director of our SCOUT 20 video last year (mad props). It features Jason having a night in with friends with smokes and booze present. The video complements the track well; it’s slow, captivating, and sultry without putting it in overdrive. It’s the perfect MV to play in the background during sleepless 2 a.m. debaucheries.

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That, and the music video sort of explains why Jason’s sporting a shaved bleached hair now. We’re not mad, though. It looks good and worth it, just like the video he shaved his hair for.

Watch “U” by Jason Dhakal & dot.jaime below

Still from “U” by Jason Dhakal & dot.jaime


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