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UP has free biology lectures on ‘Attack on Titan,’ Studio Ghibli, Stardew Valley, and more

UP has free biology lectures on ‘Attack on Titan,’ Studio Ghibli, Stardew Valley, and more

Another day, another pillar of pop culture to obsess with. Whether it’s a TV show that makes us feel seen or a game that eats up our ungodly hours, it’s a universal experience to fixate on something outside our reality, may it be a form of escapism or something more casual. 

And if you think you can’t level up your dedication to your interests further, there’s an idea you probably haven’t explored yet: Attending an academic lecture about it.

In case it hasn’t crossed your TLs, University of the Philippines Diliman’s Institute of Biology is holding a series of seminars that will tackle various forms of pop culture, as part of the biology 196 undergraduate course. The twist, of course, is that the deep-dive will involve topics in that branch of science.

The one that’s been raking the most intrigue is a gift for the “Attack on Titan” fans. Called “Beyond The Walls,” this undergraduate seminar is said to examine “the biology of the Titans in ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’”. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out of the house (especially if you’re still reeling from that finale), as the session, to be led by John Aaron Aduan, will happen via Zoom on Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. for free.

There’s something for “Demon Slayer” enjoyers, too: Happening on Dec. 12, “Bane of Blossoms” is set to uncover the toxic secrets of wisteria, a plant frequently spotted in the series and is used to combat demons. 

If your Venn diagram of interests strangely involves Charles Darwin and trainer Ash Ketchum, there’s also one called “Gene-rations,” which will tackle the “genetics and Darwinian evolution” in decade-defining TV series “Pokemon” on Dec. 19. There’s also a seminar for the Stardew Valley defenders, which will focus on genetics, happening on Dec. 12.

Other lectures include “The Whimsical Wildlife of Studio Ghibli,” “The Beauty, The Beast, and The Enchanting Rose: A Look Into the Vanda, Rafflesia, and Strongylodon Native Species,” and “The Furry-our Five: The Biology Behind ‘Kung Fu Panda’s’ Martial Masters,” and more.

For more details on how to sign up, head to UP Institute of Biology’s Facebook page.

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