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The Scout friends’ guide to copping “the side sweep” trend for every hair length

The Scout friends’ guide to copping “the side sweep” trend for every hair length


Straight hair is made of dreams. Uhm, I’m not exactly referring to straight hair as it is. You see, there is this type of straight hair that falls gracefully like pristine waterfalls under the gentle rays of the sun. If anything, it’s a look that seems to suit the real ’90s supermodels only. Naomi Campbell, in particular, dons it like a quiet sea under the moon. In the past, we might have referred to it as glossy straight hair.

Refinery29 attributes the trend to Vidal Sassoon back in the ’60s, which then perpetuated in the ‘90s and even in the early 2000s. Then, we got obsessed with curls, textures, and volume until shiny straight hair became a stuff of shampoo commercials. But hey, the glowing smooth hair is making a solid comeback. Recently, we’ve seen it on trendsetters like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa, as well as at the runway of New York Fashion Week.

While it’s back with the promise of outshining other hairstyles, straight hair has the tendency to be a little too clean and boring for some. But the runway-smooth hair trend is versatile. Celebrity hairstylist Suyen Salazar, for one, recommends a hair look called “the side sweep.” “This look is perfect because it’s simple enough where you can make a statement with your makeup, and it’s clean and you don’t have to fuss around so much,” she says.

It’s definitely a head-turner, but is it easy? Well, Suyen gave us three easy pointers to make it work.

Wash and condition your hair

When we talk about the face, we always put skin first before makeup. The same goes with hair. As for any hairdo, Suyen suggests that hair and scalp must be washed thoroughly with a keratin-rich shampoo. The common problem with straight hair is it’s either dry and frizzy with a bit of volume or oily and limp, so the use of a keratin-rich shampoo like TRESemmé  Keratin Smooth doesn’t dry your hair and scalp out, leaving behind healthy tresses. Follow it up with an application of TRESemmé  Keratin Smooth conditioner from the midsection of your hair down to the tips to achieve a shiny, smooth look. Rinse and dry. “When you’re blow-drying, make sure all the moisture of your hair dries up,” Suyen recommends.

“I always tell my clients when it comes to styling hair, you always have to start with shampoo and conditioner. You’ll definitely have it easier if you start off with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner. This will prep your hair so you don’t have to do so much work when it comes to styling,” she adds.

For additional care, another Scout friend Laureen Uy advises the use of TRESemmé Serum Conditioner to protect her hair from the cold, especially now in New York.

Style it

“So what people don’t realize is that when you have smooth, straight hair, it’s nice. But if you really want to make a dramatic impact on a new look, it’s nice to do a really deep side sweep,” she says. “Section your hair on either side you’re comfortable with and find that arch on your eyebrow, go a little past it towards your ear, maybe like 2cm. Then, create your line there.” Suyen then combs the hair and sprays TRESemmé hairspray to secure the strands neatly.

Add some finishing touches

Runway-smooth hair lends itself as a canvas for accessories like flashy clips and pins—another fancy object returning from the ’90s! But this trend isn’t just staying on the runway. Suyen says it’s easy enough to style the hair with accessories. And the good thing? There are no rules when it comes to styling your side sweep look!

Photos by Redge Hawang (Martine Ho, Jess Wilson, and Joey Mead-King) and Laureen Uy, courtesy of TRESemmé
Art by Renz Mart Reyes



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