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Catch Samantha Lee’s “Billie and Emma” nationwide this March


Didn’t get a chance to watch the queer coming-of-age drama Billie and Emma in QCinema last year? Well, keep your hopes way up. You can still catch it in its theatrical run this March 20.

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They announced the good news last night by posting a new trailer in their social media handles. With this new trailer, they tackled issues beyond the main characters’ blossoming romance. It puts the spotlight on teen pregnancy, surviving Catholic school, and the obstacles with being pro-choice when it comes to reproductive health.

Billie and Emma is set in an all-girls Catholic school during the mid-‘90s, where the school’s star student named Emma, announces her pregnancy during the morning assembly. Life for her becomes more bearable when she found herself enamored with the new transfer student named Billie, a tough-as-nails/rockstar wannabe who softens up when their friendship blossomed into romance.

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The full schedule of the screenings is yet to be announced. It will be another waiting game from our end. But if the prize of our support are more queer-friendly Filipino films, I am more than down to wait a few weeks or months.

As we all patiently wait for Billie and Emma’s full screening schedule, jam with us and put the film’s official playlist on loop:

Still from Billie and Emma



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