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Here are 4 Art Fair 2019 events beyond the exhibits

Here are 4 Art Fair 2019 events beyond the exhibits

Art Fair Philippines season is about to fall upon us once more, and we know how the drill goes: gear up with comfortable shoes, load up the camera, and spend a whole day gazing at all the art in thoughtful silence. Once you finish the exhibits though, what’s next?

If you didn’t know, the Art Fair actually has a lot of interesting events up its sleeve, and not all of them are happening at The Link. We’re talking “live birth” shows and “sexy acid” music interesting. Check out our list below of events that’ll get you either informed, entertained, or boozed up.

Garaparty x Blitz

If you’re more into sounds than visuals, then Garaparty x Blink is where you’ll want to be. The event is happening on Feb. 23 and features an interesting selection of party music courtesy of Big Hat Gang, Manila Animal, Dignos, and Karlo. Who knew you could party to sexy acid music?

Along with the beats, there will be an augmented reality and holograph set-up by Ira Cruz and an art installation by Subgenre. Leave the camera for this one, but keep the sneakers on so you can dance along.

Gender Reveal Party

You might think think every kind of gender reveal party has already been done. (Remember the one where a crocodile bit open a watermelon to reveal?) Before you make that sweeping declaration, check out the Art Fair’s Gender Reveal Party on Feb. 21 at XX XX.

The event encourages everyone to come in their best pregnant outfit. “Live birth” performances featuring queens like Bohovee, Celeste Lapida, Hunny Bae, Lil Puta, Luca, Lucinda, and Superstarlet will also be happening. If the thought of a club full of adult, pregnant men and women dancing to club music while drag queens are pretend-giving birth in the middle of it all doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will.

Into the He(art) of the Art Market

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Into the He(art) of the Art Market, A Performance Art Auction by Judy Freya Sibayan and Lyra Garcellano | #ArtFairPH/Talks 2019 A parody of art auctions, works by Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono,Gilbert and George, Michel Foucault, Ed Ruscha, Walid Raad, Christian Boltanski, Dayanita Singh, and Yona Friedman commissioned by Le point d’ironie, edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist and published by agnès b. into artist pages will be auctioned not for monetary bids but for other valuable things in one’s life such as “the right to breathe clean air” or “the right to protest” or “the desire to have 20K followers in IG.” There will be a Q&A after the auction. The complete set of works to be auctioned and the protocols on the auction process will be posted on @performanceartagency. Please follow this page and come ready with your bids. Ms. #LyraGarcellano, a visual artist whose research is rooted in the exploration of social (and institutionalized) systems, presents her output as installations, paintings, moving images, comics, writing and publishing. She is co-founding editor and publisher of TRAFFIC books and her works have been part of group exhibitions in the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, and the Qalandiya International in Palestine. For the past twenty-five years, Ms. #JudyFreyaSibayan has created a body of work of institutional critique with self-instituting projects such as Scapular Gallery Nomad, Museum of Mental Objects (MoMO), DIY MoMO, 600 Images/60 Artists/6 Cities/6 Curators, Performance Art Consultancy: Life, Art, Criticality, and now premiering in this art fair, Into the He(art) of the Art Market. She is co-founding editor and publisher of the online Ctrl+P Journal of Contemporary Art ( and author of The Hypertext of HerMe(s), her autobiography published by KT Press in 2014 with a grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. ART FAIR PHILIPPINES 2019 22-24 February | 10am – 9pm The Link, Ayala Center, Makati #ArtPH #art #contemporaryart #Philippines

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Art auctions aren’t really the first choice to go to for kids like us with not so much funds, but if we had to go to any art auction, it’d be this one.

Into the He(art) of the Art Market is a parody of art auctions where in order to buy a piece, you have to bid the “important things in life.” For others it’s clean, breathable oxygen, while for others it might be a million followers on Instagram. Quite a fine line, don’t you think? The performance will be on Feb. 23 in the evening at the Fair. Get your clout ready for bidding.

Tax 101: Taxes for Artists and Creatives

This event might be less fun than the others, but it’s definitely one artists and creatives need to hear.

Tax 101: Taxes for Artists and Creatives is a panel discussion on intellectual property, an artist’s place in taxes, and other nitty gritty about legal matters. The discussion will be attended by Attornies Anton Bengzon, Rommel Santiago, and BJ Palattao and will happen on Feb. 22-24. If you’re going to Art Fair primarily for information, then this talk might be right up your ally.

Art Fair Philippines 2019 is happening at The Link, Makati on Feb. 22-24. Get your tickets online til Feb 21 here.

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