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Here’s what to expect beyond the music at Wanderland 2019

Here’s what to expect beyond the music at Wanderland 2019

The countdown to Wanderland 2019 is about to come to a head in a few days. Sure, you’ve got your tickets and your outfit ready. You’ve probably memorized each lyric and made a game plan for which acts you’ll be headed towards, too. But beyond your ‘gram game and the lineup, what else should you be ready for?

If you’re worried about forgetting to experience everything you possibly can at the event since, after all, these two days are a once in a lifetime experience, don’t worry. We’ve created a little guide to help you get a mental head start on what’s going to go down on Mar 9 to 10.

Don’t miss out on the art installations

Wanderland is designed to be a 360-degree experience, so prepare to have eye candy to go along with the music. The festival is bringing in local artists to install life-size pieces, optical illusions and projection art. Not to mention, there’ll be fun little sideshows like magic shows and activity booths to keep the fun rolling all day. Bring your powerbank, kids, because there’ll be a lot to snap pics of.

Keep an eye out for the grub

Hydration is also key to keep your throat in tip-top singing condition, so head over to the dedicated drink station to keep you up and at it. Wanderland has also promised a gastronomic adventure on the grounds. We’ll have Filipino, American, Japanese, Mexican, and more food to expect and look forward to at the venue. This is an important heads-up, outfit wise. Maybe consider garterized bottoms to make space for your food trip?

Check out the art market

Oh, don’t forget to bring your cash with you, too. The venue will also be hosting an art market filled with cool trinkets you’d probably want to take home. If you’re a die-hard Wanderland fan, you can also cop their fashion-forward merch. Don’t worry, everything you need will still fit in your fanny pack—other than cash payments, merchants will also be accepting debit or credit cards at the venue if you want to pack as light as possible.

There will be a contest for Wanderland 2020 tickets

Now this, you’ll really want to be paying attention to. If you’re a true blue Wanderer, this year’s Wanderland is giving the opportunity for you to continue the adventure up until 2020. Wanderland will be giving its attendees a “special mission” to complete at the festival, and whoever is successful will be getting the first-ever tickets to next year’s iteration. No details spilled yet on how it’s going to go down, but why spoil it? The magic’s in the mystery.

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