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What if your closet is an entire clothing store

Chunky sneakers are cool. That’s a fact. When the trend emerged in early 2018, we used to call these coveted shoes ugly dad sneakers. Much like weird dad jokes, these shoes have found its way up on the ladder. But the chunky sneakers haven’t found their way to my closet.

I must say it’s a personal preference to stick with the two pairs of shoes I’m used to wearing, but I’d be lying if I’d say that I never had the desire to wear them. So, when boutique/neighborhood store Hoodwink invited us over to their new home hours before their housewarming party last Feb. 21, I knew it was the right time to slightly experiment with my style. After all, I, along with graphic designer Renz and sales guy Kyle, kind of had Hoodwink all to ourselves as if it’s our personal closet.

The APC Kid Cudi collection rack

The last time I heard about the clothing store was during last year’s Halloween season—if you don’t know yet, they throw one of the coolest Halloween parties in town. Back then, they were still in Taguig. But with this big move, we find ourselves right outside Aguirre Street, in Legazpi Village, Makati.

The first thing we notice about their new home is the shop sign. It’s in the familiar yellow—the kind of yellow that lets your eyes rest for a bit yet it’s also the striking type. Then, the “K” on their shop sign is reversed as if to say they’re ready to play harder.

Outside the new Hoodwink

On the second floor, visitors can play arcade games

Hoodwink, this time, is also bigger. The shop now occupies two floors. This means there’s more space for fashion, play, and…coffee. Yep, Hoodwink now serves coffee in collaboration with The Curator. While their coffee menu is short, it’s a diverse and straightforward selection of classic brews—sometimes, all you need is a good cup of coffee when you’re deciding on which shoes to cop.

With this new location outside the mall and the café Hoodwink now feels more homey. It’s like a friend’s space where you can drop by  for games, parties, or maybe just a quick chat over good coffee. When you swing by Hoodwink, it really feels like you’re part of a young neighborhood.

Hoodwink Kaffee is a collaboration between Hoodwink and The Curator


While the first level is dedicated to Kaffee, the second level is dedicated to clothes including brands like Human Made, Eytys, and You Must Create. This is where we find ourselves trying out new releases and playing dress up a few hours before the potluck party.

Kyle wears a lot of denim and button-down shirts. As someone who does dancing on the side, it seems natural for him to favor those items of clothing. So, I ask him to wear pieces from the exclusive A.P.C. Kid Cudi collection including the denim overalls and pants. After fitting the pants with the A.P.C. Kid Cudi paint-splattered white tee, Kyle says the denim pants are one of the most comfortable jeans he has tried on for a while. Considering A.P.C.’s signature jeans, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

ON KYLE: A.P.C. KID CUDI tee and jeans

ON KYLE: APC KID CUDI overalls, BEAMS button-down shirt, EYTYS shoes

On the other hand, Renz favors plain clothes on a daily basis. For a change, I ask him to wear a printed Human Made jacket in peach partnered with You Must Create striped trousers. For him, wearing these pieces feels like an experiment. The colorways, in particular, inject some fun to his usual wardrobe.


Since I tend to wear clothes that remind me of my grandfather, I pick out pieces that are a little more youthful. You Must Create, for example, plays with textures in their latest release. This includes a light, fluffy fleece jacket that reminds me of Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. The jacket seems like it belongs to a different era, but it’s easy enough to place it in one’s wardrobe.

ON OLIVER: YOU MUST CREATE jacket and trousers

ON OLIVER: HUMAN MADE top, AMI PARIS trousers, EYTYS sneakers

I like greens, so I also put on the Human Made green button-down with a pair of Ami Paris trousers from their previous season rack. The problem, however, is I’m not exactly sure what shoes would complete the look. Renz looks at Hoodwink’s shoe rack and tells me to try on some Eyty’s chunky sneakers. I oblige. Anyway, I won’t have the chance to rock some good chunky sneakers after this unless I buy them. Well, to tell you the truth, I’m close to doing it—I didn’t know chunky sneakers would feel this comfortable.

So, what happens when you have the entire Hoodwink as your closet? Do you remember the era where you actually have to go to the video game store to get the actual game you want to play, and you’re only allowed to choose one? It’s nerve-wracking and overwhelming to be surrounded with all the clothes you want to wear. But it is exhilarating. Totally.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from playing dress up, it’s the magic of play. We do build our closet around comfort and the clothes we’re used to wearing. But sometimes, what we need is a refreshing addition of striking colorways, fun prints, and exciting textures. Thanks to boutiques like Hoodwink, it’s definitely easier now.

That said, I’d definitely go back to Hoodwink for those clothes…or maybe just for coffee.

Visit Hoodwink at Unit A, Republic Glass Building, Salcedo St. cor. Aguirre St., Legazpi Village, Makati. Kaffee is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., while the shop is open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Photography by Renz Mart Reyes


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