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I Keep on Falling: This fashion editorial explores falling in love (literally)

I Keep on Falling: This fashion editorial explores falling in love (literally)

The act of loving someone is often described as falling. It’s a mystery why the act of a budding love is associated with the word. In itself, falling suggests that being in love is somewhat a danger—but that is perhaps why we feel things like kilig.

In our first issue for 2019, we attempt to translate the act of falling in love quite literally in its glorious awkwardness in a fashion editorial featuring clothes from Randolf, Miguel Manzanero, Rod Malanao, and Librea.

ON KEVIN: MIGUEL MANZANERO top, RANDOLF pants. ON JV: RANDOLF rashguard and dress, LIBREA bag

RANDOLF dress, LIBREA bag, model’s own shoes

ON KEVIN AND JV: Stylist’s own scarves, RANDOLF rash guards, MIGUEL MANZANERO pants, models’ own shoes

MIGUEL MANZANERO coat and jacket

ON KEVIN: RANDOLF pullover and jacket, ROD MALANAO pants. ON JV: ROD MALANAO top and pants, LIBREA bag

ON KEVIN: ROD MALANAO jumpsuit. ON JV: RANDOLF rash guard and dress

Produced and concept by Oliver Emocling
Creative Direction by Nimu Muallam
Art Direction by Renz Mart Reyes
Photography by Renzo Navarro
Styling by Vince Crisostomo
Makeup by Apple Faraon
Hair by Janica Balasolla
Featuring JV Librea and Kevin Cantos
Shot on location at Las Casas Quezon City

This story is originally published in our 34th issue and has been edited for web. The digital copy of Scout’s 34th issue is accessible here.



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