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Trust us when we say your flip-flops can take you anywhere

Trust us when we say your flip-flops can take you anywhere


Are National Pie Day and Siblings Day already crazy “holidays” for you? You probably haven’t heard about National Flip-Flops Day—which actually falls on March 16, today. Havaianas started this holiday, and why wouldn’t you celebrate your trusty flip-flops? They are, after all, reliable for any kind of adventure: low-key enough for everyday use but can still find their footing on certain occasions.

So how can you step into these enticing escapes in your own distinct style? Play a nationwide tumbang-preso game? Hold a big sale? Or have wedding cakes designed as a row of colorful flip-flops? Well, the possibilities are limitless, but there’s one thing we can surely recommend: Spend your summer in any of these flip-flops-friendly spots. Flip-flops can be so much more than your lightweight and easy to carry companion, but you have to go on these adventures first to know how much your pair can surprise you.

Disconnect from the noise in Batangas’ beaches

Ah, the sand and sea. If you’re in Manila, Batangas is arguably one of the closest beach destinations. Many fun activities spring from the breezy shores of Batangas, but the last thing you’d want is feel stressed out in a relaxing retreat. For starters, flip-flops are the go-to footwear for a full beach experience. The slipping in and out is easy to do if you need to dip your toes in saltwater, and it’s also super comfy if you decide to hop on a boat and go island hopping. Now that’s a break.

Go grape-picking in La Union

Yup, you can do other things in La Union aside from surfing. Grape farmers in Bauang, La Union let their tourists do the picking if they please. Rain or shine, the activity pushes through. Rain or shine, flip-flops are good partners for this fulfilling moment as well—you don’t have to be afraid of walking on muddy terrain (it’s part of the fun!) as flip-flops remain one of the most flexible pairs for surprise situations.

Go walking along San Juanico Bridge

What’s more rewarding than going through the longest bridge in the country, not by any vehicle but by foot? San Juanico Bridge, which stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait, is the ultimate walking experience. With a length of 2.16 kilometers, this can be both a challenge and a piece of cake depending on your stamina, but one thing’s for sure: The sturdiness and comfort of flip-flops can make it feel shorter than that. Enjoy the crisp, relaxing views and refreshing winds brought by inches-away vehicles moving past you. Just wear a face mask so you don’t inhale more than what you bargained for.

Beat a friend at Dance Dance Revolution

Is this a weird flex? Okay. But you do agree that adventures can take place in the arcade, too, right? If there’s anything this video game can help you shine, it’s the workings of your feet. Invite a friend and dare both of you to do some dancing in your flip-flops. Might be risky if it’s your first time, but the quality of flip-flops—such as the ones from Havaianas—is something you can count on. On what, though? Well, scoring quick combos is one.

Head home from the gym

The day is done. What do you need? A breather, of course. A workout can be one, but you need a really long cool down on your walk home. It’s wise to bring a pair of flip-flops to slip in after your session. Some gym goers I have met find it easier to relax when their feet start to relax as well, claiming this somehow has a “therapeutic” effect.

Thanks to Havaianas, we can score these adventures in a more flexible, comfortable, liberating manner. To further celebrate National Flip-flops day, Havaianas is giving a 20% off discount on all styles on March 16 to 17, 2019. For more details, follow Havaianas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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