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This “JaDine cussing” supercut is us dealing with everyday life


Who doesn’t love an explosive F-bomb or a firm putang ina? It’s just a good way to express anger and frustration. How do you let the world know life is getting shittier? By screaming “everything is bullshit” at the top of your lungs. Duh.

You know it, I know it, and JaDine knows it well. Don’t believe us? Well, “JaDine cussing in their movies for two minutes straight” should prove non-believers wrong.

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Yesterday, we stumbled upon a reply in our “Nadine FAMAS win” post. It’s a video made by Twitter user @dontsavegray, where our modern love team swears their hearts out in their films. Antoinette Jadaone’s Never Not Love You dominates the video, though.

JaDine cussing reminds us why we like swearing in the first place. After all, it’s funny, insulting, and of course, cathartic. According to Psychology Today, “cursing can be a form of coping that helps us deal with stress.”

“Researchers concluded that cursing had the effect of reducing sensitivity to pain. Who knew four letters could be so soothing? So when you hit your head and loudly exclaim ‘f*ck!’ it may serve the functional purpose of helping you get through the pain,” their article reads.

This compilation is a mood for all seasons. Don’t believe us? Here are some scenarios where their swearing is just too damn relatable.

Paying bills during pesta de piligro

Gio (00:38):  “Tanginang P 25,000 ‘yun! How am I going to pay for that shit?!”

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Dealing with burnouts

Joanne (1:30): Tang ina, naisip mo ba kung masaya ako sa trabaho ko?!”

Leaving work on the dot

Gio (00:15): “By 5:01, I’m out, bitch!”

Friends are unsupportive of your landi choices

Gio (1:09): Tang ina dude, akala ko kakampi kita.” 

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Our minds during unproductive meetings

Joanne (1:50):Kung gagaguhin mo ako, bukas na lang tayo mag-usap.”

So the next time life gives you lemons, channel your inner Gio or Joanne. It might just help you power through whatever is bothering you. Quote Gio every time life’s not going your way: “Fuck it.”

Still from Never Not Love You



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