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Sacred beats and lo-fi remixes to pray to ft. ‘Anima Cristi’ and ‘Kordero ng Diyos’

Since I’m not Catholic, I’ve only attended a couple of masses in my life. That said, I’m pretty sure church hymns aren’t as fun as these hymns with lo-fi remixes. 

On May 4 and 9, separate users uploaded lo-fi remixes of classic Catholic hymns. The first one to pop up on YouTube was a remix of “Anima Christi.” The video features the chill track with a picture of a girl in deep prayer from “Wolf Children” (a.k.a. Chillcow’s study girl). The second one to drop was “Kordero ng Diyos,” which slaps a bit harder than “Anima Christi” with its triple tempo beat.

Is it sacrilegious? Probably. Will these tracks make me go down at church? Oh yeah. 

It’s sending us Sunday Mass x Transit Records vibes (in a good way). If masses had beats like these, I might be tempted to drop by. Seeing a priest sporting Carhartt and some Comme des Garçons x Nike is a plus.

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Listen to these remixes below:

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