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You might have to pay P50 to cancel your Grab ride

You might have to pay P50 to cancel your Grab ride

Commuting around Metro Manila can get hellish, even when you’re riding a cab or a Grab car. Although it’s easy to blame traffic, passengers also face struggles other than that.

For one, the first time I booked a Grab back in 2016, the driver I got drove farther from my destination. Maybe he was just driving to a nearby gasoline station. But two minutes turned into five until he was too distant, which only meant he didn’t intend to pick me up. He wasn’t responsive either, so I canceled.

Then, there are those who ask me to cancel for some reason. They tend to excuse themselves from picking me up. I usually oblige just because I don’t like the inconvenience of waiting for them to cancel. And as someone who lives far from work, I get this request a lot.

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This privilege to cancel will soon be changed, as Grab Philippines implements new cancellation policies.

Grab is now imposing a fine of P50 to those who cancel their ride. This applies to those who cancel their ride or don’t show up after five minutes (three minutes for GrabShare) upon driver’s arrival. Passengers will also have to pay the P50 cancellation fee if they cancel their ride after five minutes of getting an assigned driver.

Here’s another thing. Grab will now freeze or suspend accounts of passengers who have canceled two rides in an hour, three times in a day, or five cancellations in a week.

But what about riders who wait for their ride longer than five minutes only to find out that the driver is intentionally driving farther from the pick-up point? Drivers who don’t pick up calls or respond to text messages? Drivers who clearly want to cancel the ride yet don’t say that out right?

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According to Rappler’s report, cancellation fees wouldn’t apply under the following circumstances: when the driver drives farther from pick-up point, the driver indicates he has arrived but has not, or the driver arrives 15 minutes later than the estimated time. When drivers cancels on a ride, the passenger will also receive 30 GrabRewards points.

Grab drivers will also face penalties when they cancel rides. This includes a temporary suspension from service. Drivers who are flagged will also receive penalties depending on the offense.

“Grab is mindful that cancellations are frustrating for both the passengers and our drivers. At the same time, we are cognizant of the fact that sometimes, cancellations are necessary during special situations,” Grab President Brian Cu said in a statement. Cu is hopeful that the implementation of these new policies will foster a culture of responsibility and respect between both the driver and passenger.

Well, we just hope these rules will be implemented properly.

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