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No Rome’s new EP brings out the emo kid in all of us

Missed your boy No Rome after his Coachella debut? Don’t fret. He’s got a new EP for us and it sounds pretty good.

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His much-awaited EP Crying in the Prettiest Places just dropped today. It features his latest somber R&B single “Cashmoney” among other tracks that’ll hit us where it hurts. In his interview with Beats1, he says “It’s got a song for almost everyone. It’s [got] every song I feel that I can make as an artist.” He also describes the EP as “very emo” and it shows. Don’t believe him? Put his opening track “5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair” on blast and tell us it didn’t pull you back to your pop-punk phase.

As he said in the interview, Crying in the Prettiest Places has tracks for everyone. His six-track EP doesn’t really stick to one sound; the songs range from R&B to indie-electro, and everything in between. All of it tackling thoughts that keep us up at night, like unspoken feelings and crippling self-doubt. Pretty emo indeed.

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Here’s to great TGIF jams to crydance to. Can’t wait to hear these new tracks live in his show this September!

Still from “Do It Again”


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