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The upcoming Pokémon app will help you sleep better

The upcoming Pokémon app will help you sleep better

In 2016, Pokémon made us all want to walk through the interactive game Pokémon GO. Walking, even under the midday heat, became fun. And just like that, our in-phone pedometer counted 10,000 steps easily. Now, Pokémon is developing another avenue that aims to uplift users’ well-being.

Earlier today, Pokémon announced the development of a new app called Pokémon Sleep. The app, which will be released in 2020, wants Pokémon fans to sleep better. If Pokémon Go requires you to move to find a Pokémon, this upcoming app tracks the user’s sleep time to provide a unique gaming experience.

There’s nothing clear yet on how a user’s sleep pattern can affect the gameplay. But one thing’s for sure: We’re excited to say goodbye to sleep deprivation and we’re ready to snore like Snorlax. Btw, Pokémon GO users, here’s another good news: To celebrate the announcement of this Pokémon Sleep, Snorlax, a rare Pokémon, will also appear more frequently on the app.

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