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DepED, do us a solid and ban “likes for grades” projects


The Department of Education (DepED) might do us a solid one this school year. If the decision pushes through, “likes-based” school projects will be banned, just as it should be, based on announcement yesterday, Jun. 10.

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Similarly, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) said that “these projects could expose students to issues such as breach of privacy or cyberbullying through the comments left on their outputs.”

With that, I say DICT is preaching to the choir.

“[Banning of projects based on likes] is only half of the policy that we’re asking to be discontinued,” DepEd spokesperson Annalyn Sevilla tells AM radio station DZMM. “What we’re saying is that it’s definitely not based on social media. It’s not also based on likes. We have to give the sound assessment—what the basis is for a sound assessment. Half of what we’re saying is introducing the right platform.”

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As a former student who went through this, I agree. It’s an inaccurate measurement of a student’s merit. And let’s face it, “likes-based” school projects are dumb popularity contests.

With “likes-based” projects, students’ hard work can be overshadowed. A student’s project can lack effort, but make up for whatever likes they’ve garnered. It’s unfair for students who actually put the work in.

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Social media might be the norm now. And maybe some teachers want to “connect with the youth.” That’s great and all. But speaking for students everywhere, let me tell you right now—y’all should stop. You’re starting to look like Steve Buscemi on 30 Rock.

We’re here to learn. Not to participate in your “like-based” Hunger Games, tysm.

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