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This My Inquirer, That New Inquirer

This My Inquirer, That New Inquirer

Yesterday marked a new chapter of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, our sister company, and with in this case, a life after 30 comes a fresh, brand new look that’s kept up with the times.


Look at that—it looks so fresh and so clean, clean, and it’s everywhere. In the next chapter of their history, you can count on the Inquirer to provide some great storytelling and balanced views (communication secretary Martin Andanar even gets his own column). It’s even expanded its coverage to man all the bases of the so-called “media quintet,” which sees it coming through on print, your computer, smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch. Plus they’ve even made sure that you can get your voice heard now more than ever.

That promise to keep bringing that kickass content is important, because it’s what matters even though there’s a new look in play, says Garcia Media CEO Mario Garcia, the force behind the Inquirer‘s redesign. “Many well-designed newspapers have ceased to exist, while many not-so-beautiful newspapers continue to thrive. Why? Because the content has been essential to the lives of its readers,” he said. (That’s something we also believe here at Scout.)

So what are you waiting for? Literally get that paper. Oh, and there’s a new Inquirer song, too, that you may or may not need to listen to right here.

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