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An indecisive fan’s guide to Fete de la Musique 2019

Fete de la Musique’s 25th year is hella big. Newcomers and regulars are in for a surprise—from last year’s 35 pocket stages, we’re having 52 pocket stages, plus five main stages outside Manila, and your faves performing with your future faves.

This free-for-all music fest is out to give us something to talk about. Or since it hasn’t gone down yet, they’ll try their damndest.

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But 52 stages is plenty. Whether you’re a Fete veteran or virgin, navigating each pocket stage will be hard. What if you end up on a bad stage? Or what if you’re missing out on a good one? Too many choices give birth to indecisiveness. That’s why we decided to make your experience a bit easier.

From us to fellow indecisive peeps out there, here are ideal itineraries for every type of Fete goer. Keep in mind: they’re just ideas. No need to follow them to a tee. Spontaneity is sexy, but a little planning never hurt nobody.

The Fete Virgin

For newcomers, pocket stages are an auditory food buffet. The possibilities are endless. You can be twirling in the streets of Poblacion, singing “A Whole New World” while tipsy at the end of the night. But how do you start the night? Where does one begin their Fete journey? It happens when you first step into the streets of Makati, ready to get Dora the Explorer on everyone.

You’ll be welcomed with a plethora of bars to go to. Just in case you have no idea where to start, we have some stages in mind for you. Learn why everyone’s fucking with the Bedroom Beats’ vibe, or be in for a surprise at Furiosa’s Shoegaze stage. Go to crowd favorites and learn why they are worth going to.

Whether it’s for you or not, at least you get the first taste on what the hype’s about.

OMEGA: comrade jones | PROFETT | operation zodiac | BABY BLUE | TEENAGE GRANNY |skinxbones | VVVV | LIKE ANIMALS | TIN TITUS | ARIES | PMQH | BRANDON CUETO x TIRADOR | shape/shift | floating sound nation | MOCKSMILE | BABY IKEA

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OC Records Stage by OC Productions and Entertainment Inc @ The Ruins
Aly Remulla | Arthur Nery | Bita & The Botflies | Calein | CALLALILY | Daryl Reynes | Drive of Day Dreams | Earl Generao | Frizzle Anne | Jay Kent | JOHNOY DANAO | KEAN CIPRIANO | Martin Riggs | Miles Experience | Rice Lucido | Rockalyt | UNIQUE | Zsaris Mendioro

Dream Pop / Shoegaze Stage by Furiosa @ 59C
Identikit | KRNA | Lilybeth Ostman | Megumi Acorda | Memory Drawers | Monochrome | Narcloudia | Polar Lows | popular days | PИZR | The Rave Tapes | Stellar Spectre | The Strange Creatures | Taken by Cars | Tradecraft | Washington Drama Club

Bita and the Botflies | She’s Only Sixteen | Bloomfields | Cheenee Gonzalez | Allen&Elle + more
End Stage by Dulo MNL @Dulo MNL
Ourselves the Elves | Earthmover | Dayaw | Tarsius | Basically Saturday Night | tide/edit | La Crema | The Koolaids | Mafia | Paul | Karlo V | Isola + Jellyfish | The Male Gaze | Flu

Certified Moshpit Diver

Sweat, Red Horse, and plenty of stage dives.

These Fete stages are not for the faint of heart. And if this is your preferred itinerary, you probably already know that. Here’s a Fete plan for goers who want a rowdy night filled with deafening drum beats and sick guitar solos. Go and head bang, start a wall of death, or buy homemade merch from some punk rocker. Who gives a shit? Not you. So keep it real and rock the fuck out.

Alternative Stage by Halfnote Promotions @ Arkipelago
Join the Club | Bita and the Botflies | Jana Garcia | Gin Rum and Truth | Jurassic Pards | Watashiwats | Switchblade Manila | God vs. The Kings | Audiosundae | Baluarte | Hey Moonshine | Antsfly | Shuttertone | ACGY | Stella | San One | Minerva | Carmen | Write Turn | Crown of Thorns | Habagat | Blindside | Don Lang

Grunge Stage by Mudhoney Production @ Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill & Papaitan
Save The Prophet | Finding Zonko | Steve | Lester Canon | Tris3cta | Agos | Monkey No Hero | El Travo | Foes | Madscissor | Sky Cries Julia | The Sub | Seconds to Bliss | Spoke Nipple | Kemisthree | Chasing Sundays | Wallster

Punk Stage by Punkompilation @ Zibangs Bar & Grillhouse Co
The Republicats | Double barrel | Calebral | Long Time No See | Give Chance to Run | Throw | Yonin high | Deadsperm

Rock & Roll Stage by SX Manila and Rough Stuff Entertainment @ Makati Sports Bar
Razorback | Basti Artadi | Kjwan | Gin Rum and Truth | Ojo Rojo | Severo | Hey Moonshine | Black Wolf Gypsies | Whiskey Version | Bonifacio Republic | Spank Me Regor | Out of Order | Elijah Borromeo | Molay | Hoochie Coochie Mikkie
Post-Rock/Math Rock Stage by A Spur of the Moment Project @ Acceler8 Co-Working
tide/edit | Fools and Foes | Luncheon | Trippy Oh! | Run Dorothy | Amateurish | TIM AWA | Earthmover | AOUI | The Mind Is A Terrible Thing | Sound Architects | Capacities

Audiophiles United

Here’s to the ones who are all about music composition’s intricacies. You are a sucker for technicality, focusing on tempo more than lyricism. Ambient beats over a quick pop tune any day. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just so happens that you appreciate music differently. And that’s all good.
Now, daily gigs like these might be rare for you. But not during this year’s Fete. Not sure where to begin? Here are the stages where you can start your journey into different soundscapes.

Analog Stage by AFBC.INC @ OTO
Arbie Won | Diego Mapa | Diego Castillo | Labjaxx

Limbo Stage by Limbo Productions @ Limbo
Sewage Worker | Auspicious Fam | Trobol Kontrol | Mumuy | Gen Thalz | Bruder | Tin Titus | Gentle Universe | Diego Mapa | IQ | Datu Arellano

Progressive Music Stage by Pinoy Progressive Community & Cosmic Barangay @ Bistro RJ, Dusit Thani Hotel
Mindscapes | Fuseboxx | HUMANFOLK | Johnny Alegre Group | Luminus | Extrapolation | Farewell Fair Weather | Project: MATERIA | PAT | Ode to LaLuna | Danny Xavier | Tribu ni Dulu

Vinyl Stage by Z Hostel Philippines @ The Green Door
Boyet Sison | Lopie Guzman | Matthew Carbonell | WilkX | Tom Thurnherr | Jon Olisa and Cocoy Puyat

World Music Stage by TAPAT Production @ Element Boutique Hotel
Talahib People’s Music | Anima Tierra | Manila Sky | kadara capoiera | Kenneth Balajadia (Bunga Arts Link) | DRUMMERS journey | Meldy Hernandez (African Dance) | Matthew Servado (Flow Arts Philippines) | Taipan Lucero (Live Art Painting) | Jamela Perez Flamenco Filipinas | Hohanna (Installation Art)

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The Get Down Kid

Bust out moves and let the good times roll! Expect amazing tunes from DJs, bands, and everything in between. We have an array of genres anyone can groove to: from electro to funk to any good beat that can get us moving. Catch who’s spinning at Black Market’s House Party Stage or go ballistic with the freaks from 20:20’s Sideshow Stage. With these stages in the lineup, a dull Fete night is nonexistent.

House Party Stage by Black Market and Finders Keepers @ Black Market and Finders Keepers
Main Room: Chryse | XIII | Skratchmark | Marvelous | Funkatalyst | Chad Umali
Mao Den: SomeGuy | Dmaps | Pamcy | Bedspacer | The Bastards | Alexandra
Finders Keepers: Mafia | The Other Daddy | Sgt Vez | Ize! | Gian Romano | CC

Electronica Stage by XX XX @ XX XX
Aira Aquino | The Long Islands | Miguel Santiago x Tomas | Bins x Ayon | Mica x Alinep | Arlyn Munoz x Raphael | Carbonell | Ed Croix

Groove Stage by GROOVE MANILA @ NoKal
Manolet Dario | Jason Soong | Marie Garcia | Arnel Genterone | Bombi Balquiedra | Coox Moreno | Mr. Marcus | Luh Masheen | Jose David | Mikko Santos | Nomoclassiq | Inky de Dios | Abdel Aziz | Marts Ballesca

Sideshow Stage by 20:20 @ 20:20 / Courtyard
20:20: Bedspacer | VVVV | Big Hat Gang | Like Animals | youngsleepyboi | Joee & I | Squid 9 | Tarsius | Pedicab
Courtyard: Jem Davis | Masta T | Mamasav | Soulsteppa | Vader | Red-I | Br3akingSil3nce

Enter the Cypher

Listen to OGs and young bloods drop bars ’till dawn. Catch your faves like Kartell’em and Bawal Clan in Project 4 Productions’ Not Bad Stage. Peep the Philippine Allstars and Street Queens busting moves, while DJs and emcees go off at the Hip-hop and Street Dance Stage. If you’re taking it easy, don’t fret—get on those chill vibes with Z Hostel’s R&B stage.

Not Bad Stage by Project 4 Productions @ El Chante
Kartell’em | Kiyo | DB Tha Girl | Good Habit | Bawal Clan | Al James | Go Smoke Mary | 1Kiao x Mocksmile | Space Impakto | Original Flavor | BLKD | Calix + Surprise Acts

Boom Bap Stage by Boogie @ Boogie
Supermikki | Bassrelief | Pope Fiction | Alexandra | NixDamnP | JayRu | XIII | Skratchmark | Butta B | Chase (Live Art)

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Hip Hop and Street Dance Stage by Philippine Allstars and Beyond Passion Entertainment @ Power Mac Spotlight
International Guest Judge: Shaadow Sefiroth
Dance Crews: Philippine Allstars | SAS Crew | Street Queens | DanceHall Manila | Pitik Pinoy | Power Impact Dancers
Emcees: MoroBeats | Lokklass (Mula Etivac) | Pasayeno Brothers | Kleb | Jeff Bago | Trae King
DJs: CanaBass | Medmessiah | Jazz Z | Ben | Tolo | Butta B

R&B Stage by Z Hostel Philippines @ Z Hostel Roofdeck
Laraza | Miss Ramonne | Ryssi | Ralph Padiernos | Moses | Cherry Malaya | Jazze Manuel

New Thrills

Let’s say you’re a Fete veteran. You’re someone who already saw everything—you know where to go, what stages to visit, and who you want to catch onstage. What else is there if you drop by Fete this year? Is there anything left? Of course, there is. It’s Fete Dela Musique. There are always new stages and thrills.

Get your kicks at novelty stages like GIG Productions’ Zodiac Stage. Go for their world music, stay for the tarot card readings and sound healing sessions. Want an all-ladies lineup? Drop by Bigtimetado’s Femme Fatale stage and catch acts like Project Yazz or May.

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If anyone wants a complete surprise, drop by Discovery Stage who’s keeping everything hush hush ’till Jun. 22 comes. Options never end in this lineup.

Zodiac Stage by GIG Productions @ Gallery in the Gutter
Apex Chuidian or Floating Sound Nation | Datu Arellano | Dana Marquez | V432 Wellness

Busking Stage by OC Productions and Entertainment Inc @ The Ruins Courtyard
Martin Riggs | Eloisa Jailoni | CALDE | Kenneth Paras | High Hello | Gelo; | ALYSSA | Sabrina Manansala | ROOFINO | Baltz | Stephan Clive

Femme Fatale Stage by Bigtimetado Production and ChixxxMnla @ Handlebar Bar and Grill
Even | May | Project Yazz | Leidulataja | The Soledads | Al Louis | Crab and Corn | Buttercream | Lady I | We Are Imaginary | MNR MJRTY

People’s Music Stage by Concerned Artists of the Philippines @ Casa Bambu Rooftop Bar
Concerned Artists of the Philippines | The General Strike | Musikangbayan | Tubaw |Pasada | Plagpul | Lolit Solid | Lady I | Bonifacio Republic | LaCrema DelaCrema | Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez

Pride Stage by Fringe Creatives @ Pineapple Lab
Nica del Rosario | Nar Cabico | Paris Roxas and Inah Evans

Discovery Stage by Echoes PH @ Warehouse Eight
Secret Lineup

Still from Fete de la Musique 


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