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“RECORD RECORD” is a photo exhibit on queer experiences

“RECORD RECORD” is a photo exhibit on queer experiences

Pride exists beyond the month of June. Though we march every June to celebrate the community and fight for gay rights, queer visibility and support should be all-year round.  We go out, fall in love, or fight for our rights on a daily basis. At Tarzeer Pictures’ upcoming exhibit at MNLxVIE, “RECORD RECORD” celebrates photographers highlighting queer journeys.

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“Through personal photo projects, the exhibit celebrates our ongoing efforts to record, document, and share our many queer experiences,” writes Tarzeer Pictures. The photographers featured are Cru Camara, Kevin Santos, Christine Chung, Regine David, Geloy Concepcion, Augustine Paredes, Jomell Pandaan, Jack Marion, Rusell Raven Maramot, UP Babaylan, with Europride Vienna, Andreas Brunner, and QWIEN.

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“RECORD RECORD” starts on Jun. 25 to July 19. 

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