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Manikween asks Manila if they’re ready for Pride 2020


Pride month is officially coming to a close tomorrow. Right now, we’re counting the hours ’til we raise our flags for Metro Manila Pride. But it feels like someone’s missing. Maybe it’s our favorite drag queen/discount store display? Well, she wasn’t available, so we went with Manikween instead.

Isko Moreno promised us that Pride will return to Manila in 2020. But Manikween is that future forward gurl, so she got a headstart and dragged us along for the ride. We kicked it back with Manikween as she spreads her opulence throughout the city: from the flower vendors of Dangwa to the unsuspecting student of U-Belt, and even kiki’d with the pop princess herself, Britney Spears (sort of).

It’s messy, it’s funny, and an all-around celebration of queer identity. Let’s do our part to #ResistTogether, but let’s not forget to pull a Manikween and party when we can.

Watch her misadventures below:

Video by Argyl Leones
Audio by Samantha Ong
Special thanks to John Eric Bico
Fashion by Salad Day



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