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The orange eyeshadow look is our favorite universally flattering trend

The orange eyeshadow look is our favorite universally flattering trend


So you’ve finally hit pan on your trusty nude palette. Again. 

Sure, soft browns and taupes are safe choices, but sometimes you need to zhush up your look with *gasp* a little color. So want to switch up your go-to nude makeup look? Enter the orange eyeshadow. 

Also called a “sunset eye,” the orange eyeshadow trend deviates from the usual nudes but still pushes the boundaries without going overboard. If you haven’t dipped your toes into unusually bright colors, opt for a browner, more subtle orange. For a sophisticated sunset glow, take a page out of Andrea Brilliantes’ book. Pack on a coppery brown shade onto your lids and let the color melt outwards from your eye into a warm orange. Add a little coral shimmer to the inner corners of your eye for some sparkle, then top it off with a thin winged liner.

But if you’re feeling extra adventurous and want to go bolder with tangerine, follow Adela Mae’s lead. Just swipe the coral shade onto your crease for a transition color, and then blend the bright orange shade all the way from your lids until right before the brow bone. No eyeliner or falsies required.

So now you’re interested, but you don’t really want to shell out cash for a full orange palette. Say no more, friend. This affordable Careline palette called Play to Slay contains your familiar browns with splashes of orange.

The palette has 12 eyeshadow pigments that range from deep browns to playful oranges, and matte (eight!) and shimmery (four!). Not only do you get a fully functional eyeshadow palette, you can also find two blush shades and a highlighter. A damn steal if you ask us.

The pigments were chosen specially to be flattering on any skin tone, so you can just grab a palette and go ham. And yes, feel free to mix and match those creamy, easily blendable orange hues to build your sunset eye.

Careline’s Play to Slay retails for only P285. For 15 pigments, that’s not a bad deal at all, right? Now serve that orange eye look. We already know you’ll slay.

Art by Renz Mart Reyes


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