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Ricky Lee is releasing a scriptwriting workbook for both newbies and veterans

Ricky Lee is releasing a scriptwriting workbook for both newbies and veterans

Ever had Trip to Quiapo on your syllabus or had Para Kay B recommended to you by your bookworm friend? They’re all courtesy of fiction master, Ricky Lee. With over a hundred screenplays, playscripts and novels published and two Palancas (among many other awards) under his belt, the man’s a living legend. 

If you’re an aspiring writer, you’ve probably heard his name. You’ve probably also heard about his legendary free writing workshops, of which only a handful of people qualify to join out of thousands of hopefuls. Not quite a writing prodigy to join his workshops yet? No worries, us regular folk can finally receive his mystical, award-winning techniques with Ricky Lee: The Scriptwriting Workbook

The book contains a hundred pages of Ricky Lee’s handwritten diagrams, inspiring quotes, prompts, checklists and even a personal notes section where you can scribble down your ideas. It’s a good idea, since you’ll be in the mood to write a novel or three after finishing the workbook.

The book will go for P250 and you’ll even get a free bookmark as a cherry on top. The catch is that they’re doing a limited release of a thousand copies. To get yours, you can message Ram Banal or Jose Esteves Siapoc on Facebook. The books will be released this weekend, Jul. 7. 

According to their last post, they only have 89 copies up for grabs. Reserve your copy now or forever hold your peace!

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