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Whoever prayed for chicken nugget-printed tees, Travis Scott heard you

For the past decade, streetwear has penetrated every possible industry you can think of. I know we all expected them to run along the lanes of the retail village, but girl, they’ve cruised all around the entire town. No, we’re not talking about skate brands collaborating with high-end behemoths or sneaker brands getting meshed with car brands. We’re talking about your favorite streetwear brands linking with your favorite fast food chains.

Although this pairing sounds completely odd, these two aren’t really far apart. Lining up, for God who knows how long, just to get your hands on that limited release. If you’re unlucky, you may even come across some die-hard fans who would argue with you on which brand is better. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I thought so, too. So here comes Travis Scott mixing the two with this unexpected collab with McDonald’s. And I have no problem with it.

You see, I mean it when I say that Travis has come a long way. He went from barely selling anything to always selling out. Bro, the dude literally did a mind-boggling digital concert on Fortnite (WTF, right?). And this energy streamed into everything he said he’d fuck with. Flannels? Yup. Cargos? Uh-uh. Nike SB Dunks? Check (Get it?). So getting Travis Scott to spearhead this collab was a smart idea, to say the least.

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Speaking of the collection, it surely doesn’t disappoint. We get an array of caps, hoodies, tees and work pants that bring the best of both brands. Apart from the iconic ‘Cactus Jack’ logos and color palettes, we’re also welcomed by playful prints that, honestly, would make us think that McDonald’s would never even think of doing (A gang of chicken nuggets, anyone?).

Apart from this, we also get a variety of goodies that make the collection crazier than what it is. You could literally buy a basketball, an entire jersey set, a tray and a lunch box drizzled in Cactus Jack’s flavors. Don’t forget the life-size Travis Scott stand you can even get shipped straight from the US. I hate to say it, but yeah, *sings* it’s lit.

With La Flame setting the lane on fire with everything he touches, this collection surely lives up to all the hype it gets. Peep the collection here:

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