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Get a fashion crash course through these inclusive workshops


Want to take your fashion sketches or IG outfit selections to the next level? Then you might want to check these series of workshops by F.A.B Creatives.
Think of these workshops as a masterclass on fashion’s different aspects. From the minds of Philippine fashion greats, F.A.B Creatives opens their doors to everyone, whether you love a good ‘fit or love making one.
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In their non-traditional classroom format, they teach a small class on fashion illustration, creative process, editorial makeup, portfolio making, and many more. Expect to learn from multi-awarded folks like fashion designers Lesley Mobo and Mich Dulce, photographer extraordinaire Sara Black, renowned makeup artist Apple Faraon, and other familiar names in fashion.

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“F.A.B. workshops are open to everybody—practitioners, hobbyists, students, business owners, or simply the curious—as long as they are interested and willing to learn,” they indicate on their website.
We fawn on them through our IG feeds or by seeing their killer runway silhouettes. But through these workshops, we can learn how to do it ourselves. Like what my fave enigma Shia Labeouf once said, don’t be dreams, y’know?
For more information, check out their workshop listings here.

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