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These Local Apps Are Preparing For Pokemon Go

These Local Apps Are Preparing For Pokemon Go

We’ve already had our taste, and now we’re thirsty for more. A rogue version of Pokemon Go spread throughout the Philippines like wildfire some time back (and promptly got shut down by Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go.) Rumors abound on when the app will make its way to local shores, but apparently some companies are already making the move to make our Pokemon hunting days easier.

Pokemon Go got a special mention during the launch for Globe Switch, Globe’s latest app that helps you control your data usage, one app at a time:

Freenet and Paymaya are also making moves to make our Pokemon Go experience better. Freenet, available in the Play Store and App Store, delivers Pokemon Go news to users who have downloaded the app without any added data use. Paymaya on the other hand, can be used for in-app purchases such as Pokecoins.

If these apps are any indication, it means that 1) Pokemon Go will be here, and 2) we’re going enjoy the full experience without resorting to clicking risky links. Your move, Niantic. We’re ready.


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