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Royalty Is Ruling The Local Streetwear Scene With Its Latest Collection

Royalty Is Ruling The Local Streetwear Scene With Its Latest Collection

By Lex Celera

Last July 17, sneakerheads, and  streetwear aficionados gathered for the Sole Slam 9 Trade Expo at the World Trade Center, where local streetwear brand Royalty made its mark as it released its first collection for 2016, entitled Essentials: Primary. A stylized version of the letter “A” stands as the new logo of the brand, and serves as an accent to the pieces. Essentials: Primary, comprised of classic tees, accessories and outerwear, is a well-curated and well-designed collection of relaxed pieces that doesn’t stray from its minimalistic focus. In a world of clothing stores dominated by the slick black and white aesthetic, the choice of having rose quarts and begonia pink is not only a playful but welcome, thanks to the brand.


During the relaunch of its website last July 14, numerous visits propelled by teaser videos of the latest collection caused the site to crash. Online buy and sell groups focused on streetwear frequently have pieces from Royalty for sale. Many an OOTD from the Instagram-famous wear the brand, using the hashtag #IamRoyaltyPH. People are taking notice of the brand, and the drive to buying local has certainly made its way to the picky and cultish streetwear scene.

“I wanted to show that Royalty Clothing can execute clothes that are worth the price,” Doyle Tamargo, founder of Royalty, reveals when asked about the underpinnings of the latest collection. The clothes are pricier than what you would find in a mall—a basic tee from the latest collection costs more than 1,000 pesos—but Tamargo assures that you’d get what you pay for. Royalty’s beginnings come from Tamargo’s need for good quality in local shores. “I’ve been buying clothes online since high school  and back then Multiply was the avenue of local streetwear brands. Whenever I come upon a really good shirt I would save up my allowances,birthday/Christmas gifts. I would be thrilled with the clothes but I noticed that the clothes would look and feel different from the photos seen online. It was unfortunate because the clothing had so much potential. It came to me that instead of complaining I should try to create and sell clothes but retain the quality seen the photographs,” Doyle explains.


It really isn’t that alarming to see that people are paying attention to local brands while competition in an international level is fierce; good quality is good quality, after all. But in the cultish world of streetwear reigned by Supreme bogo tees and Stussy caps, local streetwear brands are aiming to break the mold, with Royalty piercing through the noise and clout of derivative design with a collection that reflects a clear vision.

Of course, style reigns over hype any day. Tamargo explains it best in relation to his brand:

Royalty means being able to rule your style. People who wear expensive clothes get the ‘wow’ impression but the name of the brands are dependent on how you use them, it’s how you compliment the clothes and wear them with confidence. Everyone has a potential to have a good sense of style.

Cop the latest collection of Royalty here.

Check out their latest collection below:






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