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Fame is not what it seems in Unique’s ‘Bukod-Tangi’


Can you make the feeling of isolation sound like an infectious pop track? Some musicians might say no, but you’re sure to get a resounding yes from Unique.

We’re getting more fond of late-night drops from our favorite artists. And we’re not exaggerating when we say that Unique’s latest track was worth the wait. “Bukod-Tangi” is the latest track from this young talented yet eccentric soloist. Released a day after Grandma’s first anniversary,  this new track is giving us a clearer glimpse of what the new album might sound like. And we’re getting a vibe of lovely contradictions in melodies and song thematics.

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In “Bukod-Tangi,” we’re welcomed with a catchy whistle pattern and a simple acoustic backbeat. As the track continues, it reels us into the real melancholic theme of the song expressed through its lyrics. It opens with the lines “Kahit may paghiyaw sa ‘king pangalan at kahit naririnig ang palakpakan ay ramdam ko ang pag-iisa.”

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“Bukod-Tangi'” is an exploration of how fame can be quite lonely.  The track’s repetitive, catchy melodic pattern is not there to express euphoria. Rather, this pattern adds to the mundanity of the narrator’s day-to-day life. No matter how many people follow him, love him, or praise him, the void inside remains. It’s a bleak song disguised as your average dream-pop track.

Give Unique’s new track a listen below!

Still from “Bukod-Tangi”



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