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PSA: This online group is for every K-Pop stan

PSA: This online group is for every K-Pop stan

Being a fan is an extreme sport. The whole process is like memorizing the A to Zs of your idol—which may or may not come with persistently stalking their Instagram stories. It’s a kind of full-sensory experience. Like the dose of excitement each time they drop a new music video.  Nothing compares to the thrill of knowing they’re doing a show in your hometown.

Cue one of today’s biggest K-Pop fever sources: EXO. Right before the versatile boy band performs on the Manila stage, we’re taking our fangirling/fanboying games up a level (or two). Our tip? We’re going all-out in stanning K-mmunity PH group over on Facebook.

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The K-mmunity PH group houses like-minded chinggus supported to be the full-fledged fans they are. Whether you love K-Pop, K-drama, or anything K-culture, this collective lets you in a unique fan experience. From getting first dibs on concert tickets to scoring the most coveted boy band merch, K-munnity PH is just the place.

Living the fangirl life is hard work, but nothing beats the thought of having a whole community knowing exactly how you feel. Including how you religiously follow the dance steps to EXO’s “Growl.”

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