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This fashion ed transforms the mundane through film

This fashion ed transforms the mundane through film

Film photography captures nostalgia most of us never experienced—think ’70s rock stars in concert green rooms and our folks in bell-bottom jeans in faded photo albums. When setting sights on Tiediet and Cebu Thrifted Picks’ fashion editorial, you’re treated to an eclectic feast. 

This film-shot fashion ed expresses similar emotions, despite its present-day style. It features pieces from local tie-dye brand Tiediet and Cebu Thrifted Picks, an online store curated by stylist Shayne Lopez. The mix of denim and pale tones contrast against a backdrop of foliage. Shot at the back of a Mandaluyong building, it fuses nature and the concrete jungle, much like the vibrant subject witnessed in supposedly mundane surroundings.

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Tiediet and Cebu Thrifted Picks’ choice of film is conscious, as it transforms contemporary elements into something nostalgic. We caught up with Shayne Lopez as he gives us the rundown on the vision behind the shoot.

When conceptualizing for this shoot, what was the initial image or concept that popped in your head?
I wanted it to look simple and vibrant. I usually get inspired when I thrift and piece it out together. I love combining my tie-dyes and thrifted pieces. Also, our location is quite unexpected since we shot at the back of Unilab Mandaluyong. Basically, it emanates a pure nature-meets-urban vibe.

I just love how film captures anything mundane and makes it look effortlessly timeless.

How was the collaboration with photographer Ennuh Tiu?
Working with Ennuh is always a treat. She totally gets me, regardless of her film photography style. The colors and vibe always match what I have in mind.

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Is the use of film a deliberate choice for your shoots?
Absolutely! I just love how film captures anything mundane and make it look effortlessly timeless. 

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I usually get inspired when I thrift and piece it out together. I love combining my tie-dyes and thrifts.

With pieces from Tiediet and CTP, how would you describe the shoot’s fashion?
I honestly have no clue. I just like what I like. Usually, it’s fun, vibrant and soft. It’s like putting on a different character for each look.

When it comes to aesthetics, do you have any specific inspirations?
I’m a Gemini, so I stan weird personalities and designers; Vivienne Westwood, Shaira Luna, ASAI, Carl Jan Cruz, and Rihanna.

Finally, if you could sum up this shoot in three words, what would they be?
Calm, quirky, and vintage.

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Photography by Ennuh Tiu
Styled by Shayne Lopez 
Featuring Angelo Sacarie Vistan Alcala
Clothing by Tiediet and Cebu Thrifted Picks 



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