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The 4 Catriona Gray quotes we’re living by


When it comes to talking about role models, we have our usual spiel whenever we’re asked of ours: Mother Teresa, Oprah, our moms. Fast forward to 2019, the landscape of answers to the ever-popular “Who’s your role model?” has taken a turna slow-mo twirl, at thatsince Catriona Gray’s triumph in winning Miss Universe 2018. 

Given her incredible range of talents (she can sing, draw, and practice martial arts!), coupled with her charitable causes, this is no surprise.

What makes Catriona Gray shine to the millions who’ve witnessed her rise goes beyond mere appearances, as she uses her platform to spread an advocacy and inspire others to overcome challenges. On BDO’s latest commercial, Catriona recalls that the road to Miss Universe isn’t one without bumps. Loaded with pressure, naysayers and self-doubt, Catriona manages to conquer whatever trouble she has faced (and will face) and emerges victorious in the end.

Catriona Gray may just be our life guru. With her pageant-winning answers, our reigning Miss Universe has shared some nuggets of wisdom. For this list, we’ve hand-picked a couple of her quotes that are now our lines to live by.

I just constantly tell myself that I should be the only one to define my worth and what I’m capable of and how I perceive myself. And that I should never source that worth from other people, especially strangers on social media. They don’t know who I am, the length of my journey, who I am as a person.

Catriona is no stranger to the occasional basher. The age of the internet has given users free rein to pass judgment behind the safety of a screen. Know when to disconnect yourself from the animosity and distinguish constructive criticism from mindless rants. While some complaints may hit too close to home, learn to distance yourself, as this may have more to do with a basher’s personal gripe. Remember: You don’t know the whole story, just as they don’t know yours.

Even if someone does say something negative, it does not give us a reason to retaliate; just take the high road and don’t say anything.

It’s easier to shrug and shake the haters off, as getting into the thick of it lets hatred foster. In the social media sphere, the simple solution is one click away through the block button. When dealing with it IRL and ignoring is off the cards, rise above and take the positive route, be it a compliment or a “good morning.”

I am always open to every opportunity. I am very open to learning. I am like a sponge: I’d like to soak up new things, new skills.

What can the newest BDO brand ambassador do? At this point, the list is endless for our Renaissance woman. Catriona is a Choi Kwang Do black-belter and a skilled visual artist, all while being the proud holder of a master’s certificate in music theory. While you could be stepping out of school, Catriona proves that learning goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. You can take up a language course, master the violin, take a shot at fencing, or do all three. If there’s one thing that Catriona’s impressive list of skills is telling us, it’s that limits are a thing of the past.

Philippines, what an amazing honor it has been to carry your name across my chest and to embody you in all aspects.

From her Mayon Volcano-inspired gown to the way she carries herself off-stage, Catriona Gray’s cultural identity and pride in being Filipino is an unmistakable fact. Despite being raised in Australia, she remains steadfast in her identity as a Filipino woman by supporting indigenous groups’ textiles, lending a hand to her countrymen, and keeping a conscious significance of local tradition. Heritage flows out of every detail, reminding us that we can never be separated from our roots, wherever your success may lead you.

Catriona Gray has seen success with the help of a supportive team. To continue that road, Catriona has found her way with BDO, a partner for achieving the rest of her goals.

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