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Here are warning signs when bad hair day is caused by climate


Passport in the pocket, money in the wallet. With savings secured out of home-cooked lunches and weekend rakets, you’re finally set for your much-awaited trip this year. You’re an explorer of the worldat least that’s what your Twitter bio says. You know what you’ve signed up forbut do you, really?

Flying from one place to another is all kinds of fun, but can also come off as a headache. Aside from long lines and sleep adjustments, the challenging part of traveling is keeping a good look. One thing people often overlook when traveling? How different climates can affect the hair. They say the hair’s our crowning glory, and come to think of it, it entails a lot of responsibility.

Traveling means dealing with different people, cultures, food, and also climates.  If anything, hair care feels like an extreme sport when your villains are natural elements. In case you don’t know what different climates can do to your hair, we list down some warning signs for you.


We always love some hair bounce, but it’s tough to get when the environment is your enemy. When the air is humid, hydrogen levels are high,  making your hair more sensitive. This causes straight hair to become wavy, wavy hair to become  curly, and curly hair to become even curlier. Aside from humidity, frizziness is also caused by intense heat. What’s comes after frizziness? The heaviness of hair—and we don’t want that. 


When your hair is greasy, you know humidity can be the enemy. Having greasy hair is an obstacle in styling your hair in any way you want, and we don’t want that. Moreover, not only your hair will feel hella oily; your skin might be, too. I don’t know about you, but there’s no no worse hair day than grease dominating your crowning glory. 

Hair loss

Seeing tons of hair strands fall onto the floor after a brushing sesh is a total yikes moment. Aside from lifestyle factors, Bustle says we’re more likely to lose hair during the colder months than warmer months, because of the common culprits dehydration and humidity. However, a change in season can be a major cause of hair loss too, according to  Harper’s Bazaar. Yup, that means hair loss can happen because of heat, too.

Split ends

We can blame the sun (and wind and rain) if our hair starts to break—most of the time in the form of split ends. Dry air causes the strands to feel more brittle. Due to ultraviolet rays, our hair cuticles—the outermost part of the hair shaft—become prone to damage. Blow drying and straightening aside, Healthline sees extreme weather conditions as an agent in split ends. 

You can go all Renaissance—cut down on the hair care tools and change your lifestyle just so you can skip one bad hair day at a time. But when the climate’s your enemy, the shell is tougher to crack. Why don’t we take notes from someone who has hopped around places and solved this one for us? Cue actress and model Elisse Joson.


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Spent the day in the forests of Bali! Good thing I’m equipped with an #IntenseButLight fix to keep my hair hydrated despite the intense humidity. Love using the Cream Silk Hydra Fresh especially whenever I travel under intense conditions! #CreamSilkDestinations

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I’ve been trying out @creamsilkph’s Hydra Fresh for a while now and it truly is life-changing! It’s water-based so it’s light but still intensely hydrating even in the most humid locations! Definitely a travel must-have! #CreamSilkDestinations #IntenseButLight

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Elisse looked fresh on her recent Bali trip, giving us nothing but save-worthy Instagram posts, and she revealed her not-so-secret weapon in battling extreme climates: Cream Silk Hydra Fresh.  Bali’s 85-90% humidity level doesn’t feel so scary when your hair is equipped with Cream Silk Hydra Fresh infused with the power and water of Hydracollagen. Its water-based and easy-rinse formula gives your hair intense hydration, making it perfect for dealing with changing climates on your trips. Before you know it, heaviness has sashayed away and you’ll be fishing out your passport and wallet without the greasy tips and frizzy feel. 



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