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Youth fashion means redefining yourself


In a world that’s rapidly changing, creatives like Una stand out by being flexible.


Today’s fashion is fueled by the youth’s restlessness. It’s bringing creative fearlessness in a place where change is constant. We’re talking about versatility being your most reliable accessory, following your own creative voice, and staying timeless in a fast-paced scene.

Fearlessness is not just sporting a happy-go-lucky attitude. Awareness is also a massive key to the game—yourself and the world around you. This is what drives fashion stylist and all-around creative Una Ilarde to make big moves in an ever-changing industry.

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Change seems to be a constant in fashion. With that in mind, rolling in the creative jungle means learning how to go big with your ideas by giving breaking boundaries a go. Here’s what the young creative has to say about the current state of fashion, clothing’s role in self-expression today, and where youth’s vibrant spirit is taking the industry.

Describe your personal style.
I don’t know. When people ask me, I’ll say it’s kind of like all over the place just because I don’t like the idea of just being stuck doing one thing. It’s cool to just wear all black and have your own thing, but I’d rather not put myself in a box. I just want to try everything.

I don’t like it when I wear something and people say: “Oh, that’s so not you.” You don’t know me [laughs].

How did your personal style evolve growing up?
Growing up, I was a bit louder with my colors. I got the chance to even color my hair and all that stuff. Right now, as I continue to quote-unquote mature, I’m more drawn to simple patterns and just kind of more minimal. But I still like odd and symmetrical stuff.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things and look outward.”

In 2019, do we still need to worry about fashion trends?
Big fashion houses and big designer labels still have a place in the industry. They are still an inspiration for a lot of people, like in trend forecasting and stuff, but don’t just look for items that are popular. Don’t be afraid to try new things and look outward.

What goes into your mind when you buy outfit essentials like clothes and kicks?
I try to find stuff that I know will last long and I’ll still want to keep down the line. We need to think about clothes or even kicks as investments. How long will this item last? Will you still love this piece [in the long run]? And in like three years, would it last?

In your opinion, what’s the current state of youth fashion?
It’s been on streetwear for a while. Although within streetwear, there are subcultures forming. In the next five years, everyone might lean more towards these subgroups. But a lot of people still love streetwear right now. People like what they like. I’m not here to judge.

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Are young people more expressive with their style nowadays?
Self-expression has always been around. But with Millenials and Gen Z, it’s becoming more and more prominent. I’m starting to wonder if it’s alienating people who don’t understand it. But there’s social and everything. You can definitely find your people there.


Is that why it’s important to think big in this industry?
it’s really important to be flexible. You might think an outfit doesn’t look good on you, or you think this item isn’t for you. In terms of clothes or the people you need in life, you won’t find out until you try it out. It’s always good to keep an open mind.

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Photography by JP Talapian
Art direction by Nimu Muallam
Styling by Florian Trinidad
MUA by Hannah Pechon
Hair by Eddiemar Cabiltes



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