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timothy Run and AHJU$$I are coming to Bangkok Music City


2019 has been a good year for young musicians. IV of Spades did their first American tour, Ben&Ben got a slot on SXSW next year, and now synth-pop musician Tim Marquez a.k.a timothy Run alongside producer ??????? are representing the Philippines at Bangkok Music City (BMC), Thailand’s first International Music Conference and Showcase Festival.

Over 60 artists from different Asian countries were invited to participate in this event. Spearheaded by Thailand-based media platform Fungjai and NYLON Thailand, BMC hopes to open its music scene’s doors to fellow Asian musicians and understand its potential to drive economic growth in the future. The Rest Is Noise’s MC Galang and Indie Manila’s Bel Certeza will also be part of their panel discussions. 

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BMC is actually a pretty cool event for young musicians and our growing music scenes. Until now, the stigma of the starving artist lives on. People still believe being involved in arts and culture means you’re a broke friend forever. With BMC’s initiative, we’re on our way to see this stigma fade away.

This also promotes Asia’s respective homegrown scenes. In a way, this event might unite upcoming and underground music scenes across Asia. Here’s to more aspirational and fruitful get-togethers for our continent’s respective music industries. 

To know more about Bangkok Music City, check out their site.

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